How To Stop Wasps From Coming Back

How To Stop Wasps From Coming Back. Dealing with wasps can be a painful journey for most homeowners that are having a wasp infestation.

Wasps can cause a lot of different problems in the backyard throughout the summer and people don’t like them. However, these pests are actually beneficial for the environment.

If you kill all of these pests, you might not be so happy in the end! But no one would love to see these pests flying in and around your home. So, if you’re someone who has to deal with this problem, here are some tips you may try before calling a professional.

How To Stop Wasps From Coming Backstop wasps from coming back

In this post, we discuss what you can do to prevent wasps from returning.

Avoid Wearing Sweet Fragrances And Floral Decor

We all know that wasps love flowers and sweet fragrances. Don’t wear sweet perfumes as they will attract wasps.

Also, don’t have beautiful floral decors such as hanging baskets or potted plants in your home. You never know when nature could sneak inside your house while you’re sleeping peacefully in your own bed.

Grow Wasp-Repelling Plants

Apart from spearmint leaves, wasps love the smell of lemongrass, thyme, and eucalyptus. You can grow these plants around your house to prevent them from coming.

When it comes to peppermint, clove, and other essential oils and plants that repel wasps you don’t have much to worry about if you just remember not to use any of these when wasps are present because they will be attracted by the scents.

Check Your Home

Seal off every single hole from the possible places through which wasps may enter your home.

Check on any holes in improperly attached wood, gaps near windows and doors, openings in the siding, and also inspect all wires coming into your home including the cable wires and antennae outside your house.

Make sure your doors and windows do not have cracks in them. Don’t forget to check inside your basement, garage, eaves, and soffit areas.

Make The Nest Movemake the nest move

Not only do we not recommend moving the wasp nest yourself, but it may be dangerous if you’re unaware of the proper ways to do so.

Consult with a pest control expert to have them remove any sort of wasp nest from your property and relocate it to an area that will make the wasps feel uncomfortable, i.e. away from your home.

They can help advise you on what precautions are necessary while they’re removing the nest so that you stay as safe as possible during this process.

Remove The Trash

Make sure you have some plans to keep your trash and other waste out of sight. Trash or other unwanted things will attract insects and animals.

Who are looking for somewhere to stay such as wasps that love wood, but if you can make sure they can’t get in by sealing it with something like rubber, then they won’t be a problem.

Examine The Yard

You cannot take flowers, trees, or birds away from your neighborhood. Instead, you can look for places where wasps may build their nests like holes in the ground that go upwards or to the side.

You can cover over burrows by filling them with soil so that wasps will not be able to make a new home there.


Wasps keep returning for what reason?

Wasp nests are easy for wasps to come back to time and time again because they are filled with and surrounded by these pheromones.

Pheromones help wasps protect their nests as well. Pheromones linger, so even after removing the nest itself, there’s still a chance you’re going to encounter them elsewhere in your home.

How long will wasps remain mad?

Although the swelling may disappear after several days for someone who’s allergic, this does not mean that there are no serious health concerns.

For example, a hard lump or swelling that lasts for more than three days is possible you could be experiencing an allergic reaction which is much more serious than just being stung by the wasp.

Is it true that killing wasps attracts more?

In general, killing a wasp won’t necessarily attract more. However, you want to avoid being confrontational with them because they tend to be more aggressive than usual when they’re around their nest.

How To Stop Wasps From Coming Back

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