How To Siphon Water Out Of A Pool

How To Siphon Water Out Of A Pool. Siphoning is an excellent method for transporting water from one location to another.

Your siphon may be used to empty a pool, clean an aquarium, or collect rainwater in jugs. You can raise the pressure behind the tube by blowing into it if you’re siphoning water with fresh water in it.

This method works best with single-tube siphons; if you’re working on a larger project, you’ll probably need two hoses. They’re simple to connect to anything with a flared bottom, such as a bucket or an empty fish tank.

How To Siphon Water Out Of A Poolhow to siphon water out of a pool

This article discusses how to siphon water from a swimming pool.

Set Hose For Siphon

It’s important to fill the hoses before submerging them in the water. Fill each hose completely with water and submerge them fully in the water for a moment to make sure.

That you don’t lose any valuable resources, especially if you’re unsure of what pool heater will be used to provide heating for your backyard resort.

Screwing Hose Cap

As you screw the hose cap onto the end of the hose, make sure that it is firmly in place. There are some people who find that they need to kink the tip of their hoses in order to make them work properly.

In order to prevent any fluid from leaking away while you’re working, this is done in order to stop any leakage that may occur.

Lifting Capped To End Of Hose

You can lift the capped end of the hose over another pipe sticking out of a wall and place it in the prepared drain spot.

Keeping a hold of the kinked cap is crucial when you are moving since dropping or unraveling it by accident could prove to be disastrous.

Removing Capped And Drain

Let’s begin by removing the cap from the end of your siphon, and then draw off a small amount of liquid. When you have drawn off enough liquid to reach the designated volume, you can replace the cap.

As soon as you are finished siphoning the pool, remove the drain from the hole and hold it higher so that any remaining water can flow back out of it.


Is it possible to siphon water out of a swimming pool?

Siphons are one of the easiest ways to drain your pool. If you have a place that is lower in elevation than the pool and can align yourself, it will be easier for you to install a garden hose siphon.

First, submerge at least 3/4 of a garden hose underwater and insert the other end into your pool.

As long as there is no hole in the bottom of the hose or when you’re above pressure or any other hydrodynamics problems, water will flow from one end of your pool to the other automatically.

Is it possible to make an infinite siphon?

If you have a sump, you can set up a circulation loop to create an unending siphon. All you need is a tiny diameter tube to create an air gap large enough to pump water back into the tank.

The amount of water that returns to the tank should never exceed what your sump pump can remove; otherwise, your basement would flood.


It’s preferable to contact your local health department for advice on safe removal procedures if you wish to drain the pool or lower its volume by more than 50%.


Make sure all hydrostatic reliefs are open before draining an in-ground pool. If your pool contains this function, make sure it’s set up correctly to avoid harm to the shell and deck. When emptying an in-ground pool, it’s crucial to remember that draining pool water into a storm drain is unlawful in many jurisdictions.

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