How To Set Intermatic Timer

How To Set Intermatic Timer. An Intermatic timer is typical household equipment that allows you to govern when an electrical gadget or appliance turns on or off by controlling the flow of power in your home.

For some people, relying on these devices has become a way of life because there is so much that happens during the day that getting used to an automatic system is easier.

If you own your own company, this might be advantageous to you as well! Just make sure you have a trustworthy aide on hand to keep track of everything.

How To Set Intermatic Timer

how to set intermatic timer

Here we discuss how to set the Intermatic timer.

Opening Timer Door

Hand-open the timer’s enclosure door. A protective metal casing surrounds Intermatic Mechanical Time Switches.

No tools are required to access this box; merely pry open the cover at one end where it touches the wall with your hands.

Rotating Clock

Make sure the large arrow on the clock points to the current time. Turn the yellow clock hands until they reach that point then stop.

Set this time as precisely as possible so that you can tell how many minutes have passed without fail. If you miss it, just keep turning clock hands until they reach that same point again.

Each line between each numeral represents 20 minutes. Never unscrew the arrow for keeping track of current time or this will throw off what you’re trying to accomplish.

Loosening On And Off Arrows

loosening on and off arrows

You will need to loosen the “on” and “off” arrows using your fingers or pliers. Simply turn the knob to the left to loosen the arrows.

If they are too tight to be released by your fingers, a regular pair of pliers should be able to handle the task.

Using these arrows, you will be able to program your timer to turn off or on anything at specific times.

Sliding On And Off Arrows

Slide the on/off arrows to the times you want them to be turned on and off. Slide the ‘on’ arrow till it approaches the moment when you want something to turn on.

Similarly, slide the “off” arrow until it approaches the moment when you want anything turned off.

If you want your timer to turn your lights on and off at certain times, such as at dawn or dusk, be sure to change this.

Tightening Knobs

With your fingers, tighten the knobs on the “on” and “off” arrows. Using pliers, tighten them onto the rear of the switchplate as far as you can, making that the knob is centered above the arrow.

If they’re still loose after you’ve tightened them with your fingertips, tighten them all the way.


My outdoor timer doesn’t work. What should I do?

It’s possible that you need new Landscape Lights Timers if your exterior lighting isn’t working.

On rare occasions, rewinding or resetting your timer might solve difficulties if everything else is working well.

If this does not fix your problem, you should try getting a new timer to replace your old worm-eaten one.

What is the best way to test an Intermatic timer?

Turn on the light and peer into the Visual Motor Check window at the timer mechanism’s top.

You should be able to see the gears moving via the little window if power is being supplied to the timer motor.

If not, check to see if there is power to this breaker, which is connected to the time clock.

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