How To Save A Dying Blue Spruce

How To Save A Dying Blue Spruce. Blue spruce trees are most susceptible to Cytospora canker disease, which causes needles to turn a dark brown or black and fall off.

Also, Rhizosphaera Stigmina needle cast disease, a fungus that stunts the growth of young Blue Spruce branches, deprives them of their needles prematurely.

The Blue Spruce tree is also vulnerable to attack from several pests like White Pine weevils and bark beetles who feast upon it until nothing is left but a dead stump.

How To Save A Dying Blue Sprucedying blue spruce

If you see browning needles on lower branches and bluish-white resin, cut the lower branches back to the next lateral branch four inches away, otherwise spray pruning shears with household disinfectant and allow them to dry between each cut to prevent spreading the disease.

We examine how to save dying blue spruce in this article.

Saving Dying Blue Spruce

It is important to prune your tree in the winter and to make sure that all the dead branches, twigs, and diseased areas are removed.

In addition to cleaning up any fallen foliage and disposing of it, it is also important to prevent the fungus from spreading to other trees.

The best way to take care of your sick tree is to deepwater it once a week until it begins to recover from its illness.


When a tree grows in an urban environment, it is subject to the effects of pollution and poor growing conditions. If a tree grows in this area, its health can suffer as it has less room to develop.

To ensure that your tree remains healthy, make sure that you choose the right location for your chosen varieties as these factors may have significant impacts on the life expectancy of individual trees.

My Blue Spruce tree is yellowing. Why?

Blue Spruce is thirstier than the average tree in an arid area, and dropping your water bill is a whole lot easier than you might have thought.

Now that you know how easy it is to save your wallet from drought-induced yellowing; make sure your Blue Spruce doesn’t wither away when there is too much ‘liquid sunshine.

Remember to water deeply but infrequently and only water when the top layer of soil is dry to the touch.

Blue Spruce trees can recover from needle casts?

Yes, if correct care is given to an affected blue spruce tree, it can recover from needle cast disease. The tree will take much longer to recover than it would ordinarily.

For example, it may take up to two years for the tree to restore its youthful vitality; in extreme situations, it may take much longer.

Do you know what to do if your blue spruce is dying?

When you first notice browning needles or other discoloration on lower branches, and bluish-white resin flowing out of the top into the air, prune those branches back to the furthest lateral branch that’s at least four inches away from the diseased areas.

Prevent spreading diseases onto these healthy trees by spraying pruning shears with a household disinfectant and allowing them to dry in between cuts.

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