How to reset Liftmaster garage door keypad

How to reset Liftmaster garage door keypad. Whenever you move into a place that has a door opener installed, you need to reset both the remote control and keypad lock.

If you’ve been renting the home or gave your neighbor or caretaker your code while you were out of town, you eventually need to replace it because keys can become stolen or lost.

We recommend adding additional security features like alarm systems for added protection.

How to reset Liftmaster garage door keypad

how to reset liftmaster garage door keypad

To reset the keypad of your LiftMaster garage door opener, all you have to do is press the “Learn” button located at the back or sides of your motor unit.

After pressing the learn button, you will see a steady red glow for about 30 seconds.

Enter your new Personal Identification Number (PIN), then press the “Enter” button.

Once you released the Enter button, you should see the light blink in your motor unit.

This means that you have successfully reset your keypad and can now begin programming instructions into menus. The following more steps describe how to reset the Liftmaster garage door keypad.

You can Access your Door’s Motor

As you begin to assess your door’s faults, rest a ladder under the door itself. Climb up and locate the device containing the motor. The motor unit is either going to be on one of two sides of the doorway.

The Motor Must Be Reset

You’ll need to find the motor you want to program and then look for a ‘Reset’ button on its control board. Press this button and hold it down until the light beside it stops blinking.

You should discover that the old code will have been erased from your door’s memory bank, though if your door has a backup hard drive area this could depend upon whether or not the old code is saved there as well.

Once you have released the Reset button, examine the light. If it’s still blinking, try again.

The New Code should be Entered

To program the new code, first press and hold the ‘Reset’ button on the motor’s control panel.

Keep on holding it down until the light comes back on. Insert your chosen code into the keypad. Once entered, you will notice that the light will begin to blink which means that it has accepted your code.

Now release that key and press and hold again, this time without letting go until the blinking becomes static.

Release, then let go of the button entirely before waiting a few seconds before pressing once more to confirm that it has accepted your code properly.

You Need to Reprogram the Remote

you need to reprogram the remote

After you have turned off the motor, steer clear of the door and take the remote in your hand.

Press a button on the remote after about 20 seconds to ensure that it has time to re-calibrate and then hold it down.

You should notice that when you release it after a few moments, the light on the motor will blink again.

This means that you have now successfully reprogrammed your new code onto your remote.

Reprogram Other Remote Controls (If You Have Any)

Most people have a keyless style to their garage doors because it allows each person in the household to come and go freely without the worry of bothering a roommate or family member.

Provided that is indeed the case in your family, you’d need to reprogram each remote individually using the process mentioned earlier.

One thing to note however is that you may learn which keycodes work for other remotes as well so consider this when deciding whether or not you are comfortable with having multiple codes for multiple families instead of just one for yourself.

How to reset liftmaster garage door keypad

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