How to Reset Carrier Thermostat

How to Reset Carrier Thermostat. Even if your home decor is to die for, an undesirable temperature can ruin the comfort.

Carrier is a leading heating and cooling business since 1906, so you can be sure you can count on them.

Their latest smart thermostat models offer plenty of customization options to ensure that there’s nothing better than coming home to your at-home-away from home.

In order to avoid having to reprogram these custom features in the future, there are a few scenarios when it will be necessary for you to wipe your device clean and start over as though it was new.

How to Reset Carrier Thermostat

how to reset carrier thermostat

Although a reset option can often remedy most electronic issues with your thermostat, it’s not the only solution.

It’s also important to read your thermostat’s user manual thoroughly; if there is a resolution for whatever issue that you’re facing, you’ll want to find it.

To reset one of the comfort levels on your carrier thermostat: Press the desired comfort level (Home, away, wake or sleep).

Then press both up and down arrows to adjust fan settings and temperature settings. When finished press ‘Done’ to complete the action.

How to Reset a Carrier’s Comfort Profile

The Infinity thermostat program can be customized in many different ways. You can change the temperature for each specific day of the week and for each specific time of the day.

For example, you could have the house a little warmer when you are sleeping, etc. However, all these different customizable options can make it overwhelming to try and learn how to implement them into your home.

The good news is that there is a simple workaround! Carrier has preset our system with some comfortable standard settings so they can keep it safe.

In order to reset all of your customizations, simply press “done”. From here, simply use up and down arrows to adjust your heating and cooling settings together with any other associated parameters that are included on the display screen.

You’ll use this same method and follow the same steps to reset any saved profiles in the future or if you need to change them again for any reason at all.

Reset the Accessory Use Percentage

Infinity Touch Control Carrier thermostats provide the option to receive a notification when it is time to replace specific components of your Heating and Cooling System.

Accompanying the pop-up message, there is a percentage that indicates when your filter, humidifier, ultraviolet lights, or ventilator should be replaced. However, if this reminder becomes too onerous there is a way to change it.

To disable the pop-up message you need to reset the percentage counter of accessory usage after servicing has been performed.

To do this you will need to start by selecting the operating status from the home page of your thermostat’s display.

Then press “accessories” and push the “reset” button on the right side of the menu by selecting an accessory for which you would like to reset the percentage back to 0%.

Thermostat Reset

thermostat reset

Carrier Infinity thermostat is battery-powered, so there is no need for a reset that requires you to remove the batteries.

HOWEVER, if you would like to do a total system reset, you can press the “Mode” and then the “OFF” button.

Walk over to your circuit breaker and flip it (just once) until you hear a click, then wait 30 seconds before flipping it on again.

Now tap the blue “Mode” button once more and select one of the four options available: Auto heat cook fan.

Why is my carrier thermostat not working?

If you switch the thermostat to a higher temperature but find that it remains unchanged, try switching out the parts inside it.

Verify that both circuit breakers in the home are turned on and if not turn them both on and test them again.

If they still don’t work, pop open the existing one (after first unplugging it of course) and test each part inside for damage all of which should be replaced rather than getting a brand new piece altogether, as it’s often more cost-effective to fix something small if possible.

Does a carrier thermostat have a battery?

In some situations, batteries are also the power source. If you have a thermostat that can be powered either by AC or batteries, then two AA batteries should last about one year.

How to Reset Carrier Thermostat

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