How to replace oven element frigidaire

How to replace oven element frigidaire. When replacing the bake element inside of your electric oven, it’s a good idea to get someone you can trust to help you.

It’s not something that you should work on by yourself since this appliance does have several moving parts that make it quite heavy.

When working with an assistant, one must make sure the power cord has been unplugged from the

power supply and that none of their body parts are in contact with anything operating in order to avoid being shocked. Once all is clear, both individuals can safely move the appliance away from its wall socket.

How to replace oven element frigidaire

how to replace oven element frigidaire

Frigidaire ovens are heated by two heating elements in the interior.

The element on top that is visible is the broil element, which helps cook foods more quickly under high heat.

The element located on the bottom of your oven, usually covered with a protective metal plate, is the baking element.

Which does most of the work as it acts to heat foods up evenly and slowly. This process covers a baked element that is exposed in an oven.

Remove Bake Element

Using a quarter-inch socket or nut driver, unthread the screws to release the upper rear access panel. Next, unthread the bottom screws securing the lower access panel to the power cord retaining plate.

Unthread the four remaining mounting screws securing the panel. Pull the panel up to remove it.

Next, disconnect the wires from the bake element terminals and fully open the oven door and rotate both door hinge locks back before partially closing it again and lifting and pulling it towards you to remove it.

Use a large flat head screwdriver to unthread both of the screws at each side of where you’d like

your new oven element to be secured then lift up on one side while sliding out one of your oven racks while using a small screwdriver to dislodge one of your old bake element’s mounting holes’ clip then lift it out by hand.

Now undo this process in reverse order with your new replacement element being secured then reassembled and connected (precisely reversing all of your steps).

Baking Element Replacement

When you’re ready to install a new bake element, start by removing the two screws securing it.

Carefully pull the oven rack out from one side to give yourself better access to work with and remove the element before positioning the new one into place.

Place the tabs of wires through their respective holes, then secure them into place by re-replacing your screws.

Replace your oven rack by sliding them back into place and replacing your four screws, checking that everything is aligned.

Make sure everything is still secure by placing something soft on top of it to push it down so you can repeat this step for each of its sides and leave the oven door open for now so you can continue with its installation in part 3 when power is restored.

Now that we’ve got all these loose ends tied up, let’s get back to business.

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