How To Replace Capacitor On AC Unit

How To Replace Capacitor On AC Unit. The prospect of a faulty air conditioner capacitor might be stressful for the ordinary homeowner.

Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the components of an air conditioner or if you’re not mechanically inclined.

A capacitor is a tiny component that helps the motor start-up by sending energy pulses to it. When a capacitor fails, your air conditioner may turn on and off, but it will not blast cold air because the fan will not spin.

How To Replace Capacitor On AC Unitreplace capacitor on ac unit

In this article, we will explain how to replace a capacitor on an air conditioner.

Turning Off AC

Turn the air conditioner off. This may be accomplished by turning off a breaker situated in your home’s fuse box.

DO NOT begin any work on your air conditioner without first ensuring that the power is turned off; otherwise, you risk being electrocuted and suffering serious injury.

Remove Panel

There is a panel on the left side behind where the electrical lines run into the AC unit. Remove it by unscrewing 2 screws and pulling gently but firmly.

Locating Capacitor

Find the start/run or dual capacitor you’ll be changing and replace it. They have a cyclical form and resemble batteries.

Before you separate the wires that feed into it, take a picture of it so you have all of the information you need to match up against another capacitor as soon as possible if your present one is producing difficulties and has to be replaced.

Discharging AC Capacitordischarging ac capacitor

Any electrical current will be less likely to shock you if an AC capacitor is discharged. When a gadget is turned on, an AC capacitor charges and stores the charge.

Even if the capacitor is turned off, if you come into touch with its terminals, it will prevent any electricity from being discharged into your body.

Removing Capacitor

Remove the AC unit’s capacitor, and make sure you don’t touch any of the connections or terminals with your bare hands. Always use needle-nose pliers with shock-resistant rubberized coatings on the handles.

Inspect New Capacitor

It’s very important to make sure that your new capacitor is properly wired. Having the proper milliohm (MFD) and voltage will help with the revival of your Air Conditioner.

Replacing Electrical Panel

The electrical panel must be replaced and the power supply must be turned on. There is a possibility that you need to change its power supply if your air conditioner does not start.


Is it possible to replace my AC capacitor with me?

A capacitor is one of the most common causes for an air conditioner to stop working and need to be repaired. And yes, you could replace a defective capacitor at home, but it would probably void any warranty on the unit itself.

If it’s not a capacitor that’s causing your AC failure, then you may have other serious problems with your air conditioner. So it might be better to contact an expert today.

In the event of a bad AC capacitor, what happens?

“Hard starting” is the most typical problem caused by damaged capacitors. Before a capacitor fails fully, it may begin to create a rattling or ticking noise.

When you hear the clicking of relays and contacts within a circuit, or just hear an audible hum, you know something isn’t right.

To avoid damage, immediately turn off the breaker at the source and contact for service if you hear popping sounds emanating from your machines.

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