How To Remove Towel Bar

How To Remove Towel Bar. Bathroom towel bars are made differently by different companies, but the important thing to do is if you notice some sticky situations with your towel bar, especially around the wall mounting brackets.

That can be all kinds of disruptive when it comes to towels not lasting as long as they should and all kinds of drips with nowhere to go is to replace it.

Towel bars, fortunately, aren’t very difficult. The bulk of the designs on this market tend to come and go with the latest fads.

How To Remove Towel Barremove towel bar

We will discuss how to remove the towel bar here.

Step 1

Examine the area where the end post meets the bathroom wall beneath it. To release the arm set, search for a small circular aperture with a concealed screw within.

If you detect an opening, use a flashlight to determine what type of screw was used to loosen the arms, as well as if the fixture employed a set screw or socket set screws.

Step 2

After you’ve found the set screw, loosen it using an Allen wrench or a screwdriver. Some set screws may not need to be entirely removed, allowing you adequate room to work with if you have limited access. The end post will begin to slide as you loosen it, finally falling off altogether.

Step 3

As the first underlying post begins to come loose from your wall, you should be able to remove it along with the metal bar that makes up your towel rack by gently pulling them out of their seemingly-imprinted grooves.

After taking out this first post, you will see a flat metal bracket secured in place on your wall via one screw.

Step 4

Use the Allen wrench to unscrew the bolts holding the second post in place. Remove the second post along with its bolt. To reattach this second post, simply screw both posts into the wall and replace their fasteners as needed.

Step 5

The screws that hold the metal brackets to the wall need to be backed out with a screwdriver or an electric drill.

As soon as you have removed all of them, place a towel over the holes where the brackets were installed and paint over the towel.


Do towel bars really need to be installed?

The choice between freestanding and wall-mounted towel racks is frequently dictated by the amount of space available in the bathroom.

The fact that certain sorts of towel hanging systems aren’t required doesn’t imply they aren’t valuable in a design. In fact, if you select the correct variety, they may be both practical and handy.

What is the best place to place a towel bar?

Bath hardware should be positioned on the bathroom’s longest wall as a general rule. This makes it simple for guests to find towel bars and other supplies.

When measuring your wall space before installation, take in mind that hardware is normally mounted horizontally.

Is it possible to glue a towel rack to the wall?

When you’re looking for an adhesive that will stick to both porous and non-porous surfaces, such as tile walls and stainless steel towel racks, go for Loctite Power Grab Ultimate Construction Adhesive.

It’s an all-purpose adhesive that will keep items in place whether they’re porous or not.

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