How To Remove Toilet Paper Holder

How To Remove Toilet Paper Holder. The majority of toilet paper holders are secured in place by screws that are inconspicuous at first appearance.

Check the underside of the mounts if your toilet paper holder protrudes from the wall. Typically, screw holes will be visible. A little Allen wrench or screwdriver can be used to unscrew these screws.

Recessed toilet paper holders often feature screws that attach to a wall stud behind the roll of toilet paper. Ceramic toilet paper holders are frequently bonded to the wall and must be removed using an oscillating tool and a powerful solvent such as acetone or lacquer thinner to cut through the adhesive.

How To Remove Toilet Paper Holderremove toilet paper holder

The following is a guide to removing the toilet paper holder.

Ceramic Toilet Paper Holder

Most toilet roll holders are held onto a tiled wall with either adhesive or small screws.

This makes the job seem difficult at first, but we promise removal isn’t complicated. First, detach the toilet paper roll and rod.

If there are no screw holes, chances are that the holder has been glued to the wall. Now it’s time to protect the wall against any damage, so stick some painter’s tape around the base of the toilet paper holder.

Use this oscillating multi-tool to cut away any excess glue between the toilet paper holder and the wall. Most times, only some of the excess glue is found around the outer edge of the holder, so you only have to do a small section at a time.

If your toilet paper holder doesn’t come free from attaching to the wall after cutting, use this pry bar and hammer to gently break it away from its attachment.

While the holder is free of the wall, you can remove the painter’s tape. Work slowly and carefully while cutting the adhesive that bonds the toilet paper holder to the wall with a multi-tool.

Use alternative tools only if necessary as they may damage your wall because they can leave noticeable holes in it which might ruin it as a result. In this scenario, exercise extreme caution otherwise and stick to using your multi-tool.

Wall Mounted Toilet Paper Holderwall mounted toilet paper holder

If your toilet paper holder is attached to the wall in one or two arms, holding a roll of toilet paper, it’s likely held there with hidden screws.

Most modern-day metal toilet paper holders are of this variety. To remove a holder such as this involves removing the rod that holds the roll and the roll itself as well.

Make a note of where you placed any visible screws on either side and at the bottom of the mount. Use an Allen key or wrench to loosen these screws once you’ve located them.

To loosen the screw, turn it counterclockwise. Release the wall mount from its wall bracket by tilting it forward and backward. Unscrew the remaining screws.

Now you can remove your wall mount, and take off any brackets left behind by unscrewing them. Typically, this will require a screwdriver or electric drill, but some outlets may come with an attachment that allows you to use your hands instead.


The toilet paper holder should be on the left or the right?

Most people are right-handed but if you’re left-handed you may want to put this on your left-hand side. If at all possible, try out what side works best for you by sitting down and using the widget.

Being right-handed, I will be comfortable with a gadget on my right-hand side.

What is the best way to remove a toilet paper holder without revealing the screws?

If the holder is not mounted with screws or glued to the wall, it comes with a flexible mounting bracket.

Grasping the holder with both hands, push up and pull out the top of the holder from the bracket. One downward slide and the entire unit can be removed from the bracket.

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