How To Remove Stuck Shower Head Ball Joint

How To Remove Stuck Shower Head Ball Joint. The showerhead’s ball head joints allow it to swivel and pivot, allowing you to modify the water flow direction.

These joints may rust and even be damaged by mineral deposits in the water over time, and we’re here to inform you that this has been a huge concern with many showerheads today.

This is why many showerheads are now made with the ball joint buried within, covered by the surrounding material.

Fortunately, if the ball head joint is positioned on the outside of the showerhead, it may be simply removed all that is required is a screwdriver at most.

How To Remove Stuck Shower Head Ball Joint

how to remove stuck shower head ball joint

This article explains how to remove a stuck ball joint on a showerhead.

Step 1

Place the belt of your strap wrench around the showerhead’s base. Make sure the belt is really tight so you don’t have a bypass when you relax it later.

Then, using your strap wrench, try loosening it clockwise at first until the shaft has adequate mobility.

Remove the showerhead according to the other directions in this handbook if you are able to release it. Otherwise, tighten the strap even further by turning it clockwise a few more times after that.

Step 2

Spray some lubrication around the threads if you couldn’t spin the showerhead with a strap wrench.

Allow five to ten minutes for the lubricant to do its job before attempting to spin the showerhead counterclockwise again. If it doesn’t work, keep repeating the process until it eventually moves.

Step 3

If the lubricant doesn’t loosen the threads, vinegar will. Place the showerhead in a Ziploc bag with cotton soaked in vinegar and let it overnight.

Overnight, the vinegar-soaked cloth should cover the showerhead’s threads and a portion of the head itself, encasing it in vinegar.

In the morning, remove the Ziploc bag, push it down to squeeze out any excess vinegar, and then unscrew your shower head by hand. If you encounter any resistance, use the strap wrench, as usual, to try to remove it.

Step 4

If you’re still having trouble removing your showerhead after trying the first six instructions, use a pipe wrench.

Attach a piece of steel tubing to expand your reach and offer more torque to your application.

If the showerhead is still not moving, you may need to remove the shower arm and replace both the showerhead and the shower arm at the same time.


What is the best way to remove a shower head that won’t budge?

Fill a bucket halfway with warm water and 1 teaspoon of vinegar to remove the showerhead. Place the showerhead in this bucket and soak for at least an hour, if not overnight.

After it has saturated, use a plumber’s pliers or a wrench to twist it off. If you still can’t get the showerhead off, lubricate the connecting joints with WD-40 or another lubricant.

What is the best way to clean shower heads with vinegar?

Pour enough white vinegar into the pot or sink to cover the showerhead.

The vinegar’s acids will aid in the dissolution of hard water minerals that have accumulated on and around the showerhead. Allow 1 hour or overnight to soak in the vinegar.

The more difficult it is to clean your showerhead, the longer you may choose to soak it.

How To Remove Stuck Shower Head Ball Joint

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