How To Remove Stopper From Bathroom Sink

How To Remove Stopper From Bathroom Sink. Most people are familiar with the experience of a blocked drain. At first, the water seems to take a little bit longer to drain but after a while, it takes way more time and sometimes takes forever to drain.

If this happens to you, the only solution may be to take off the strainer in order for you to unblock the drain. But don’t fret.

Unblocking a drain is an easy job that anyone can do with just a few simple tools and if you need instructions, here’s how you uninstall your bathroom sink stopper.

How To Remove Stopper From Bathroom Sinkremove stopper from bathroom sink

How to remove the stopper from the bathroom sink is discussed here.

Try To Open By Hand

The first thing you should do when you have a clogged drain is to determine if there are any items that might be causing the drain to not drain as it should be draining.

If you’re lucky, your sink stopper may be removable by hand. When this happens, you can use your thumb and pointer fingers to tug gently on the sink stopper so that this could help eject the debris from inside of the drain.

Removing Things Underneath The Sink

If you’ve been able to remove the bathroom sink stopper by hand, then proceed directly to step two.

If not and it just wasn’t possible pull on it too hard as this will only damage it, then you have to go underneath the sink, so prepare for a bit of cleaning.

Remove anything from underneath the sink and make enough room to move around freely when lifting out the stopper and also in case you need to put something back into its place afterward.

Locating Horizontal Plunger Rod

You may use a flashlight to help you locate the horizontal plunger rod, which sits in a stopper, that connects the vertical strap.

Check for a rod with several holes fitted onto it and temporarily remove it from its housing. Be sure to remember where the rod was fit so you can return it later easily.

And make sure not to lose your metal clip when removing everything. It holds all components together and helps you identify where each one belongs.

Placing Bucket Under The Sinkplacing bucket under the sink

The other end of the detached pivot rod should be connected to a pivot nut that you undo with your hand.

This is why you place the bucket under the sink while doing this so as not to let any water seep out onto your floor or bathroom in general.

In case the nut starts leaking, use your handyman skills as well as whatever tools are necessary, such as pliers or other wrenches, to keep from having a huge mess later on down the road because it’s so easy for little drips and drops of water to add up into puddles without any warning whatsoever.

Taking Out Bathroom Sink Stopper

Everything you have done up to this point is enough to release the bathroom sink stopper. You should be able to pull it out without any problems.

When you do, keep in mind that the drain plug is likely dirty and covered in filth. This presents a great opportunity for cleaning it up, which will not only sparkle your bathroom but also make the sink drain again even better than before.


How To Remove Stopper From Bathroom Sink. There are many different sink clog-clearing methods, and knowing how to remove the bathroom sink stopper is just one of them.

When working on any DIY project, it’s important to know how to do whatever you are attempting in order to save time and money and feel more confident about tackling problems you might encounter with confidence in your abilities as a handy individual.

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