How To Remove Shower Head

How to remove shower head. Sometimes showers just need to be freshened up a little, and sometimes you must remove a showerhead that is currently installed in order to install something new.

Replacing the showerhead on your existing wall-mounted, hand-held, or mounted slip-fit systems can all be accomplished with ease by anyone who is handy around the house even if you have never changed one before!

This article will show you what is involved and how to do it properly so that your new showerhead installs quickly and easily without leaks or problems.

How To Remove Shower Headremove shower head

To remove the old showerhead, grip the connecting nut with one wrench and the pipe with a different wrench. As you draw one wrench towards you in a directional motion, separate it from the other by turning it in another directed motion until you are able to pull out the old showerhead and replace it with a new one.

We will discuss how to remove the showerhead here.

Use Strap Wrench To Turn Showerhead

Take your strap wrench and wrap it around the showerhead’s base. Make certain to tighten this tight enough so that when you try to turn the showerhead counterclockwise, it doesn’t move.

Now, use your strap wrench to try to turn the showerhead counterclockwise. If you can turn it, go ahead and finish taking it off by using your hands. If you couldn’t turn it, move on to the next step.

Use Spray Lubricant

If you are unable to turn the showerhead with the strap wrench, spray some lubricant around the threads. Wait five minutes for the lubricant to work.

Try again to turn the showerhead counterclockwise. If you have not successfully removed the lubricant, spray more lubricant and wait five more minutes before trying again until it has been removed completely.

Use Vinegaruse vinegar

In the event that the spray lubricant is not enough to loosen the threads, you can try using white vinegar. You are going to need to place the showerhead inside of your Ziploc bag after you have poured some white vinegar into it.

You should use enough vinegar and a large enough bag that the vinegar covers the showerhead up past the threads. Secure the Ziploc bag in place with rubber bands, and let it soak overnight.

You will have to remove the bag the following morning and turn the showerhead counterclockwise again with your strap wrench.

Use Pipe Wrench

If you’re unable to loosen the showerhead using conventional methods, try using a pipe wrench. It may also help to attach an extension pipe to the end of the handle to increase torque and allow you better leverage.

If you still can’t get the showerhead off, it’s sometimes necessary to remove the shower arm from the wall in order to replace both parts at once.

Removing an old shower head that is stuck can be pretty annoying, but following these instructions, it is possible in many cases. If you can’t remove the showerhead by itself, take out the entire assembly.

You can then replace your outdated parts with brand-new ones so that you have a gleaming, functioning shower in no time at all.


Is it possible to remove all showerheads?

Most showerheads screw into the end of the pipe on which it sits. Unscrewing them is as easy as removing that small round cap, and then unscrewing the entire showerhead from where it is currently placed.

If your showerhead is stuck, you may need to follow all 3 steps in order to get it out without damaging either the gaskets or pipe or showerhead.

Do you know how to replace a showerhead yourself?

Yes! Changing out your showerhead can be an easy DIY job with our just for you tool! Your current showerhead “works just fine” but we think it’s pretty cool that by upgrading one particular aspect of your bathroom, we can reduce costs and maybe even save the environment too.

How To Remove Shower Head

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