How To Remove Refrigerator Doors

How To Remove Refrigerator Doors. One of the problems with refrigerators is that they are not usually designed to be pulled through doorways.

The reason for this design is because the refrigerator’s handle sticks out in an arc as opposed to lay flat like with a standard front door.

Yet, refrigerators are still designed without handles – so when you find yourself stuck at a doorway, such as one formed in a cramped kitchen or narrow hallway.

You should always remove the doors of the refrigerator first before attempting to pull them through. Once that’s done, you will be able to make it through those tight spots easier than if you left on its regular doors.

How To Remove Refrigerator Doorshow to remove refrigerator doors 2022

How to Remove the Doors from a Refrigerator. Removing an old refrigerator door isn’t too difficult, whether you want to remove them for recycling or if you are moving and need to fit it through a small doorway.

Turn Off And Unplug The Refrigerator

As a rule of safety, one should always unplug from power and then switch it off before diagnosing faults or carrying out repairs to any electrical appliance.

This reduces the risk of electrical shocks during repair and reduces the likelihood of major accidents happening.

Remove Anything From The Doors Of The Unit

If you have many things in your refrigerator, it can be difficult to remove the door. So let’s talk about how we can help first of all load the fridge with things that let you reach for the stuff you need easily and grab them wherever they are on one side.

Yes, that is important if you want to use your fridge more effectively, so when unloading the door, what we recommend is putting your items into a clear plastic box or other containers to make it easier.

By doing this, it also lets all the air flow in evenly so nothing gets spoilt quicker than necessary.

Dispose Of  The Hinge Cover

One of the main parts of your refrigerator is the hinge that can be seen when you open the door. Not only does it allow you to open and close the door, but it also serves a more decorative purpose by adding a little sparkle to your kitchen.

But it’s not all glamorous: those hinges need a lot of care and maintenance, especially if they are exposed to frequent use.

With opening and closing becoming such a regular thing in your life, they can become quite rusty which isn’t exactly pleasing on any level.

One way to prevent this is by giving them an additional layer of protection by installing a cover.

 Disconnect Any Wire Connectors

Some refrigerators have an electrical wire running from the top hinge to the back of the fridge.

Carefully take note of how this wire is placed and detach it from its plastic cover before moving to the next step. If you can’t find this wire, then don’t worry.

Removing The Hingeremoving the hinge

Use a screwdriver the right size to remove the screws that attach to your refrigerator’s hinge. These are usually hex screws.

Also, some hinges use bolts rather than screws to attach themselves, so if you have to take off these types of hinges, use a wrench instead for removal.

After removing all of the hinges and their pins as well as any other parts that can be removed, like paneling or fixtures attached to the outside or inside of your refrigerator, unscrew the fridge door from its hanging brackets (usually with hex screws) if it’s not already detachable.

Take The Door Off

Once the screws and pins are removed, place your hands on both sides of the refrigerator door to hold it in place. To make this easier, you may have to open or tilt the door first before lifting it up and off the refrigerator body.

Be very careful not to accidentally scratch or drop your refrigerator by placing it down gently at a safe distance from any surfaces.

Final Thoughts

As you can see this task is quite simple, but doing so on your own can be a bit dangerous.

A great way to protect your fingers while still saving time and energy is by using the part of a slide bolt to help you remove nuts easily without worrying about ruining them. Be careful though some water lines are more fragile than others.

How To Remove Refrigerator Doors

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