How to remove marker from fabric sofa

How to remove marker from fabric sofa. Felt tip markers and artist pens can draw a masterpiece on the surface of your little ones’ furniture while they are practicing their writing skills.

Crayola brand felt markers are in particular potentially damaging to various types of upholstery if left to stew on the fibers. That’s not to say you shouldn’t let your kids play with this kind of art supplies.

Simply draw their attention to the importance of cleaning their artwork up and off the furniture as soon as possible after it has been created.

Whether you choose from a range of remedies or products we have detailed below, it is vitally important that you follow all instructions carefully and isolate each cleaning technique correctly in order to remove any marker stain without causing it spread further into the upholstery.

How to remove marker from fabric sofa

how to remove marker from fabric sofa

If you have some rubbing alcohol at home, the best thing to do is remove the ink with a dampened cloth.

Use this method if the ink has gotten on a smooth surface like fabric that’s upholstered onto your couch.

Blot blot blot, trying not to rub too hard, and eventually the marker stain should lift away.

If it doesn’t, or it’s gotten on a more textured surface such as painted drywall, for example, use tape of some kind to try and get some of the markers off.

You can use masking tape because it will easily peel away without leaving any residue behind like duct tape would.

Or try using Post-It Notes which also come off pretty easily, unlike packing tape. For more tips on how to get rid of marker stains from various things read below.

Remove Marker Stains with Toothpaste

remove marker stains with toothpaste

One of the best solutions for cleaning up pen ink off of a sofa is to use a combination of baking soda and toothpaste.

When combined, these two simple ingredients create a fabulous cleaning agent capable of lifting away even the toughest of stains.

A non-gel white toothpaste without bleach added works great as the type of toothpaste you should select while making sure that you have equal parts of both ingredients combined together thoroughly into a thick paste.

Apply the mixture to the spot and begin gently scrubbing it into the material using a toothbrush in order to make sure that it is soaking in properly.

Let it sit on the material for several minutes before rinsing away with cool water and let it air dry when finished.

You can also use this method for getting permanent markers off walls or stainless steel countertops or wood floors.

 Use Hand Sanitizer

Another thing which you can do to get rid of Sharpie ink is to use hand sanitizer. This method effectively removes most of the stains that you’re experiencing, including those from a magic marker or dry erase marker.

Place some sanitizer on the damaged patch of fabric and then wipe it with either a cotton ball or damp cloth.

You can also use this strategy as an alternative if you have accidentally applied a permanent marker to a whiteboard instead of the erasable kind.

Using a pencil eraser also helps scrub away part of the stain when cleaning. Run the eraser over the stain when dry in order to remove as much ink as possible.

This process may require multiple attempts and combining different methods, but it’s generally sufficient and effective.

Apply Rubbing Alcohol and Vinegar

Cleaning the permanent marker stain from microfiber furniture is not too different from cleaning a regular stain. You will need some rubbing alcohol, vinegar, and essential oil to make a cleaning spray.

First, you have to soap with water, then clean with rubbing alcohol or vinegar. If necessary you can use a cleaning agent that contains bleach as well.

Don’t forget to brush the place dry after soaping and then clean it otherwise your chair will be prone to smell.

Moreover, we recommend you wipe off all the moisture with a clean cloth using circular movements and finally vacuum until dry- these are some important steps in order to keep your couch in top condition.

Using Aerosol Hairspray

To begin cleaning ink stains off of fabric or leather Sofas one must first use an aerosol hairspray specially made without oil.

Spend some time applying the spray onto the stained area and allow it to sit there until you think it’s absorbed enough.

When it comes to ink stains and removing them from leather in particular, avoid using cleaners including nail polish remover or bleach since they could damage the material.

Instead, dab away at the stain using a paper towel, blotting gently while avoiding vigorous rubbing (otherwise you will likely create a secondary stain).

If you need further help, utilize a Magic Eraser by lightly scrubbing at the spot where the stain lies, but do not apply too much pressure or lay down on or near the affected area for too long during this procedure so as not to cause underlying staining that may lead to additional discoloration.

Try Some WD-40

try some wd 40

Use Warks for Vinyl and Upholstery to remove marker stains from surfaces or use WD-40 on faux leather couches.

Be sure that the product you use will not damage the material in any way before using it.

It is always a good idea to read the labels on the chemicals you intend to use to make sure you are buying something that actually works.

In the event that your area appears stained after using a chemical, don’t worry.

Then you can throw some water on the area and let it sit until dry this will remove any unnecessary discoloration caused by your less than careful removal attempts.

How to remove marker from fabric sofa

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