How to remove door knob without screws or slot

How to remove door knob without screws or slot. There is no turning, no catch, or it is simply stuck.

Because of a broken doorknob, you might even wonder if the door to which you have been standing for five minutes will ever open.

Here are some quick steps on how to fix or remove a doorknob without screws or slots to avoid undue stress and common mistakes that many new homeowners make.

How to remove door knob without screws or slot

how to remove door knob without screws or slot

Removing a doorknob can be tricky. But you should be able to quickly remove even the trickiest model in about 10 or 15 minutes. Most handles are secured with visible mounting screws.

If the model has no visible screws, look for slots on the neck of the screw or lever, behind which you will probably find mounting screws that you can loosen to remove the handle.

If there’s no slot and no easy way to see any exposed screws, check if you can pry off a cover plate behind the handle.

Behind it, you should find mounting screws, which you then have to loosen before removing them completely to get rid of the doorknob.

Remove the cover plate

Look at the part of the door where it meets the frame for a small gap. If you see one, use a flathead screwdriver to open the gap, like a lever.

Then, gently pry off the cover over the door’s handle mechanism. The cover is round or rectangular, depending on your door’s handle design.

After removing the cover, you should be able to see screws that hold together the inner mechanism of your door.

Turn the round cover plate

Note the kind of handle you have. If it has a notch and looks like a round doorknob, look for and use the lock/unlock button on your key.

To remove the plate from the inside, turn it counterclockwise with a wrench or by hand. After loosening the plates, slide them down both sides of the locking metal shaft to access the mounting screws behind them.

Identify any recessed fasteners

A screwdriver might not fit between the cover plate and the mounting screws if the doorknob is still in place.

Check to see if there is a recessed fastener hidden behind the cover plate; typically, this can be loosened or removed with a paper clip.

When the design does not have this, you can sometimes see a visible opening behind the cover plate that releases the outer handle as well as screws holding the inner mechanism together.

Look for these types of openings and note where they are. For doors with levers instead of screws,

you should also slide off the cover along with anything on top of or behind it, such as a lever, and expose the screws that need to be removed so that you can reach your doorknob.

Turn the screws loose

turn the screws loose

You may need to flip the mounting screws clockwise before spinning them in order to loosen them. Then take them out of the door mechanism.

You should then be able to remove the handles if they’re still in place and the spindle that connects them.

Disconnect the latch bolt and latch plate

You might need to remove a door if you want to replace the mechanism. To do so, first, loosen the screws over the plate on the side of the door. Then carefully remove the latch plate and pull out the latch mechanism.

How to remove door knob without screws or slot

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