How To Remove Burnt-On Grease From Stove Top

How To Remove Burnt-On Grease From Stove Top. If you don’t have the time to keep up with your kitchen, it may quickly become a disaster.

This is especially true when it comes to utilizing your cooktop and stove eye regions since they acquire oil the most quickly even if you don’t cook very often.

That’s not an issue you want to deal with, especially if you plan to serve meals in the same area or kitchen.

To learn how to clear oil stains from your stovetop grates so that no leftover grease builds up and causes crumbing, which may be unsightly and time-consuming to clean.

How To Remove Burnt-On Grease From Stove Topremove burnt on grease from stove top

Using dishwashing liquid, preferably one that is good at removing oil stains, add a little to the hot water. Using a microfiber cloth, wipe the stovetop. Repeat as necessary. Whenever oil persists despite wiping several times, wash your microfiber cloth in your dishwasher with the hottest water you can stand and replace it with a new one.

In this article, we discuss how to remove burnt-on grease from your stovetop.

Using Baking Soda

This is a straightforward yet efficient method for removing burnt-on grease. A moist towel and baking soda are required.

To begin, sprinkle one or two tablespoons of baking soda into the moist cloth, depending on how much you believe you’ll use. Then, using a spoon, squeeze and mix them together until they create a paste.

Apply the paste on the grease and wipe it away with a moist towel. This softens the oil, making it simpler to wash away. It’s also a good idea to use a plastic scraper. Finish by wiping away any remaining oil residue with a moist towel.

Using Coca Colausing coca cola

You will need to mix one part Coca-Cola with three or four parts of water in a plastic container in order to remove grease stains from your stovetop.

For additional cleaning power, add some ketchup in place of water to the mixture.

Let the mixture sit for 30 minutes and then scrub it away. Wipe down the stove with a paper towel soaked in white vinegar and spray some vinegar on the paper towel.

Using White vinegar

Vinegar is a natural acid that aids in the dissolution of tough grease and oil that may cling to the stovetop. Allow an hour or two for the vinegar to rest on top of the grease stain before washing with a sponge or your fingertips.using white vinegar

Adding heat to the vinegar before adding it boosts its efficacy. However, before adding more vinegar, make sure the burner has cooled down, as adding boiling hot water might result in a dangerous scenario.

Also, did you know that vinegar can help prevent future stains on your stovetops? After each usage, just boil 2 cups white distilled vinegar in your pot or pan over low heat for 10 minutes to reduce stains.

Using Dishwashing Liquid

To begin, wet your cloth with hot water and then apply a tiny quantity of dish soap to it. Clean the cooktop by rinsing it and wiping it down. Repeat as needed, washing and wiping as you go until the grease is gone.

You’ll need to go over the area multiple times until it’s clean to understand burnt-in fingerprints or obstinate messes. Mix a few drops of dishwashing liquid, ideally in hot water.

Using your hot soapy water, dampen a new microfiber cloth. Wipe down your cooktop again if necessary. Replace your cloth if it becomes dingy before cleaning the cooktop again until this procedure is completed.

After all, we want to clean the oil off the cooktop rather than spreading it around more than is required! Using a clean microfiber towel, dry and buff. Allow three to five minutes for the paste to set.


What is the best way to clean my stovetop naturally?

To begin, add one tablespoon of salt and one tablespoon of baking soda to a mixing bowl. After that, add one tablespoon of water and combine the paste.

Scrub away using a cloth that has been dipped in the cleaning solution. Chanda described her stove as “beautiful and shining” after this technique.

Is it possible to use a magic eraser on a glass-top stove?

Clean any remaining areas with a damp, microfiber cloth. Both glass and nylon are safe to use on the stovetop and will not leave streaks.

To give your stove some shine, you can use Windex or a washcloth with a little bit of soap or dish detergent to make your surface look brand new again.

How To Remove Burnt-On Grease From Stove Top

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