How to remove a locked door knob from the outside

How to remove a locked door knob from the outside. People around the world tend to use doorknobs, as they open and close doors all the time.

But these devices can also present problems if they’re not functioning properly or if there are broken ones that need repair or replacement.

Have you ever wondered how one can go about removing old doorknobs? Or perhaps you aren’t sure how this process is done but want to find out. Check out our latest article on the subject today.

How to remove a locked door knob from the outside

how to remove a locked door knob from the outside

If you are locked out of your house, wondering how to remove a doorknob lock, or wondering how to unlock a deadbolt from the outside, this article will be of some help.

Whatever doorknob is on your door, and no matter what type of key you have, this information will be helpful in finding an efficient solution for your predicament.

You should use a total of four different colored screwdrivers to remove your doorknob. A black, white and yellow.

Insert the yellow one from behind to open the doorknob inside the hole in front of where you are working.

Use it to turn once loose. Repeat that same process with the black and white screws, only from opposite sides.

Internal Access

While it may seem like the best way to remove a locked doorknob from the outside is simply by forcing your way into the room or area.

You’ll doom yourself by injuring your hand in the process of ruining a piece of your property trying.

A large reason why this is ill-advised is that when most people try to force their way into a room,

They only give themselves one hand to work with as they are holding onto something for leverage which leaves them unable to hold open the door when successfully managed and easy entry.

If we want to better understand how to solve this problem, we need more information about what exactly it is we’re working with.

The inside doorknob needs to be unlocked before you can turn it easily with your hand.

Locks are often secured by fasteners on the interior side of the door. This means that if you want to access a room, you either need to get into it or open up the door completely so you can reach in and unlock it.

Identify Fasteners

identify fasteners

How to remove a doorknob from an outside door comes down to how it is securely attached to the door.

If there are visible screws, you may be able to simply unscrew them, and then you can remove the device from its place in the same way that you first installed it in the doorway.

Other times, however, doorknobs have mother-of-pearl colored plastic roses affixed to their inner sides, which means.

We will need to pry it off by using a flat metal tool or knife’s edge so as not to damage both our doorknob and door frame, which might result if we cannot go undetected.

You should be sure before starting that there is no catch or release mechanism somewhere on the inside of your doorknob because otherwise, this might get in your way when removing it altogether.

For a non-keyed doorknob, you may encounter either of those fasteners or threaded roses that twist off for removal.

If they are loose already, this is one instance where how to remove a locked doorknob from the outside may not require interior access.

This can be done by simply gripping it with both hands while turning it counterclockwise.

How to Remove Tricky Objects

When it comes to removing the lock from the inside, the steps are pretty clear, but things tend to be trickier when you’re working on how to remove a locked doorknob from the outside.

The door has expanded, and certain parts may be harder to move and remove; even with the door open or parts removed, full removal might be hung up by sticking or jammed components.

The first step is usually lubrication. It doesn’t need to be of a specific type for your purposes, and any kind will work just fine, but we recommend that you pick something flexible like WD-40 can

for example, which can help loosen stuck parts much quicker, not only when it comes to tasks such as these but also in many other contexts where locks are involved.

Beyond lubrication, the piece containing the latch is directly manipulated with a flat-head screwdriver. This allows you to apply more torque on the loose doorknob or door lock mechanism.

More force may be able to help pull some parts that are tight past each other for a one-time opening; however, it doesn’t always guarantee long-term results.

If you’re trying to remove a stripped doorknob and aren’t getting anywhere by wedging it or holding it in place, just give up right away because then you might find yourself down a more costly road than simply refacing your current doorknob.

Making sure to hear if the doorknob isn‚t moving before applying unnecessary force is important to avoid overstretching or damaging anything further.

How to remove a locked door knob from the outside

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