How to remove 3m double sided tape

How to remove 3m double sided tape. 3M double-sided tape has countless uses and is great for multiple purposes. It helps to attach accessories in the car, brighten up spaces with art, and sticks well with flat surfaces.

However, it becomes a headache for a product when someone needs to take it off. It often leaves behind a residue that is hard to remove, even with the help of a sharp blade or scrapper, as opposed to user-friendly adhesive removers.

But by being determined and trying various techniques, 3M double-sided tapes can be uninstalled from several different surfaces without damage done to your surface.

Use extra care when removing double-sided tape from delicately painted areas.

How to remove 3m double-sided tape

how to remove 3m double sided tape

Warm the surfaces that are taped together using a heat gun or blow dryer. Pull the taped surfaces apart carefully.

Carefully scrape off any remaining residue and tape sections with a razor blade.

If glue residue remains, use a solvent adhesive remover as directed by the manufacturer.

Use a Heat Gun

use a heat gun

3M apply makes use of three methods in order to remove their double-sided tape. The procedures to be able to get the trim off are by making use of a hair drier, heat gun, spatula, or any other tool used for the removal process.

For the 3M adhesive system, it’s best to use a hair drier and when the tape is ready you can then begin to push in on one side with your hand.

While at the same time pulling it at the same time in an upward motion with both hands, you must be careful not to grip hard so you don’t rip anything off as well. 😉

Use a Razor Blade

It’s good practice to use a razor blade to carefully take off any leftover tape and residue.

Avoid scratching the paint, as this tends to be a more permanent style of damage and isn’t worth risking in most cases.

Using Adhesive Removers

This method, although not suitable for all surfaces, is ideal for removing 3M double-sided tape from your car without causing any body damage.

Firstly, you can use a commercial adhesive remover that you can purchase online.

You’ll need to apply the supplied liquid directly to the offending area where the 3M double-sided tape has been attached to.

Leave it for between five and ten minutes as this will give enough time for the chemical in the adhesive remover to loosen and break down the bond between your car’s finish and the sticky glue.

Once this time frame has elapsed which should be more than enough given how thick 3M double-sided tape is use an old (and unsharpened) butter knife or credit card and gently begin peeling away the decal.

If there are still any excess remnants of 3M left behind, don’t worry as simply washing them off with a dishwashing detergent should be sufficient.

Use Rubbing Alcohol

use rubbing alcohol

You want to remove 3M double-sided tape from metal, plastic, or other smooth items, but the problem is you don’t want the paint to come off.

We suggest soaking a cotton ball with alcohol and then gently rubbing the cotton ball over the item in question.

If there is paint residue left behind, use nail polish remover to get it off.

Heating And Moisturizing

Removing 3M double-sided tape from various surfaces isn’t difficult at all. Some people even say it’s more efficient to use moist heat than heat. First, you need to locate iron and a wet towel.

Then, place the thin and wet towel over the tape that you wish to remove and set your iron to medium-high. When your iron has heated up, carefully iron over the surface of the wet towel.

This heating method is suitable for removing 3M double-sided tape from automotive surfaces, walls, plastic, or any other sort of surface that can tolerate moisture.

Be sure not to use this method on surfaces where moisture may have repercussions.

It’s important that when using this heating method, users exercise caution while removing 3M double-sided tape from plastic surfaces or any surfaces that can degrade due to moisture exposure.

How to remove 3m double sided tape

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