How To Put Wire On Picture Frame

How To Put Wire On Picture Frame. Installing picture frame wire that can be connected onto wall hooks is one of the finest ways to hang art or a framed picture if you ever find yourself trying to hang it.

First and foremost, attach D-rings to either side of the back portion of your frame and fix it with screws.

Next, wrap the flexible picture frame wire around the two D-rings and tie slip knots at both ends so it wraps around itself out of sight and mind. With a little effort and practice, the procedure of hanging becomes second nature in no time.

How To Put Wire On Picture Frameput wire on picture frame

Locate the frame’s centre and position the wire so that it has about two inches of clearance from the top.

Once your wire is installed on the wall, here is where you want it to hang. Remove the extra wire by measuring five inches from the eyelet and snipping it.

In this section, we will discuss how to wire the picture frame.

Laying Picture Frame

Place the photo frame on its back. Measure the breadth on either side of the central point while holding it upright. Mark one-fourth of the overall height from the top on each side of the corners using a pencil.

Drilling Small Pilot Holedrilling small pilot hole

Drill a tiny pilot hole in each pencil mark using the drill. Drill a hole one size smaller than the screws provided with the wire eyelet hooks using the drill bit as a guide.

Screwing Eyelet Hooks

An eyelet hammer is used to screw the eyelet hooks into the frame’s pilot holes. Ensure that the hooks on both parts of the picture hanger are facing each other and that the holes are aligned.

One end of the bottom half of each will be attached with a spherical screw.

Fold the 5-inch length of wire back over and thread it through and out from below itself into one of the circular screws. To tighten your wire, twist your assembly.

Inserting Wireinserting wire

Through the second eyelet, insert the wire end that is opposite the one you just inserted.

Allow enough slack in the wire to run over the rear of the frame halfway up to where the top of your picture frame begins.

Fold the extra wire over and trim it to a 5-inch length before securing it with a standard knot.

Using Adhesive Foam Pad

Apply adhesive dampening foam pads to the picture frame’s lower corners. This will safeguard your wall while also guaranteeing that there are no air gaps or uneven hanging regions that might damage the surface on which the picture frame is mounted.


What is the place for D rings on a picture frame?

D-rings are attached on both sides of your frame but towards the top. Make a line on the back of the frame to indicate where the top is so you can remember how you want your image to be oriented.

How come the mirror says don’t hang with wire?

Then, on either side of the mirror, measure the distance to the nearest fastener. Make small vertical lines on the wall where the top horizontal line crosses these places.

Picture wire should not be used to hang mirrors because it lacks sufficient support and is more likely to break than other types of wire.

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