How To Put Blinds Down

How To Put Blinds Down. Closing a blind may seem like a simple household task, but for many people, the action can be quite difficult.

Different types of blinds require different techniques to close properly, mostly depending on whether there is a rod or cord involved and whether it has any excess materials that need to be cut off.

Once you have established what type of blind you want to close and identified the necessary steps needed to fully close it, though, it shouldn’t take too much time or effort to finish the job successfully.

How To Put Blinds Downput blinds down

This article discusses how to put down blinds.

Step 1

The pull-string is usually located on the right side of the original shades. Each slat is connected by this thread.

It also has a top-mounted clutch that allows you to raise and lower it like a roller shade.

To loosen the strings at the top of the blinds to operate the slats, pull the string across the window at about a 45-degree angle to your left.

Make sure you keep an eye on both string and slat positions in order to “tug” on them correctly so that you tighten them correctly.

Step 2

To keep the slats in a flat, even position, maneuver the string until you keep all of them aligned. If some or one slat is uneven, pull just one of the strings to straighten out that one slat or two.

Pull-on the other string as needed until all slats in a particular section are lying flat. Position all slats properly to avoid damaging or closing the blinds at an awkward angle.

Step 3

In order to lower the blinds, hold the string down in a diagonal position with your left hand. Then use your opposite hand to pull the cord back up toward the motor.

This motion will cause the slats of your blinds to lower across your window. Make sure you keep pulling gently and steadily for this motion to succeed because it’s very easy for you to get tangled or lock them mid-way through.

Step 4

Pull the string diagonally at the corner of the blinds above to lock them in place. Depending on your preference you can close the blinds halfway or lower them completely.

Be sure to keep holding onto the string so as not for them to retract upwards after a while due to a loose buildup of tension from the mechanical parts inside.

Step 5

Take the blind-closing rod that’s located to the left side of the window and pull it up, at a 180-degree angle.

You should easily be able to manipulate this in your hands by rotating or turning it anticlockwise to close or clockwise to open up slats; whichever way you choose once you’ve got the hang of it.


What is causing my vertical blinds not to turn?

Slats that refuse to spin indicate a problem with your tilter mechanism. Remove the blind from the window and lay it flat so you can see inside the headrail.

Check to see whether the chain control mechanism has dislodged from its sprocket wheel; even a minor movement of this assembly might have caused some sliding in the chain tension, making it difficult to spin your blinds.

How difficult is it to install window blinds?

No. They’re easy enough for most do-it-yourselfers to handle without breaking a sweat, as long as you have the correct tools and instructions. All that’s required is a Phillips head screwdriver or a drill with a 1/4″ Hex head drill bit.

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