How To Put A Screen Back In A Window

How To Put A Screen Back In A Window. Screen windows may become damaged over time, so it’s important to fix them ASAP.

One can easily replace a busted window screen with a few simple tools and the right frame material. Using vinyl or metal frames, you’ll just need to pull the seal and screen out first before swapping them for a new set.

Wood frames are slightly harder as you’ll have to manually punch or hammer in some nails or staples, but they can also be swapped rather quickly. To put the wood frame back in place though, one might need someone else’s assistance.

How To Put A Screen Back In A Windowput a screen back in a window

How to return a window screen to its original position is discussed here.

Step 1

Window screens are held in place by a plastic or in some cases metal “cord” which can be found on the outside of the window frame.

The cord is strung along the edge and should look like a ring wrapped around a pole. Use your flat head screwdriver or nail punch to gently pry up on the edge of the frame and lift it up slightly.

Now take this time to remove any spline if there happens to be any present in order to repair or replace damaged screen materials.

Finally, clean out any debris that may have accumulated during this period before replacing the new window screen where it belongs.

Step 2

It is important to work with the appropriate amount of window screen fabric on a flat surface so as to cover the window frame, as well as a border of about two inches around it.

By using scissors, carefully cut out and position the window screen into the frame so that it will fit neatly in the frame.

Step 3

Put the window screen cloth you cut in the previous step over the existing window frame in a very careful manner. Make sure that the new window screen covers all sides of the existing window.

Because of the fact that this material most likely has been rolled up and in circulation for some time, position it with the right side facing down in order to prevent it from curling.

Before clamping or tapping the screen to the top and bottom of the window frame, make sure it is taut before you clamp or tape.

Step 4

Using the convex reel of the spline, place the window screen into the channel of the window frame. Make sure it’s taught by starting on one side and working your way around to the other.

Using the concave side of this instrument, insert the screen into the spline. After you’ve completed this step, cut the extra material from both sides using a utility knife.

Finally, replace the window screen to achieve a tight fit between the glass and the frame for optimal ventilation.


What is the easiest way to remove a window screen and replace it?

Firmly hold the bottom of the screen in both hands and move all tabs to the center. Compress the whole screen and twist it to the left, then push it out of its frame.

Two springs will pop out from either side of the screen, thus making it glide instantly out of its frame.

Is it possible to install a window screen from inside the house?

Window screens are often intended to be installed from the inside of a house. Inspect the window screen and look for two tabs, sliders, or pegs somewhere inside of the frame.

These may be near the bottom, along the top, or aligned on one side. Position these toward the inside of your home, preferably facing your way.

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