How To Open A Window From The Outside

How To Open A Window From The Outside. Windows are an important element of every home because they allow light and fresh air to enter.

The quality of human existence in our homes would be impossibly poor without them. It’s for this reason that being unable to open a locked window might be aggravating.

Windows are often secured from the inside, so if you find yourself outside the house without your keys, you will be unable to enter. There have even been instances of people accidentally locking themselves out on the balcony.

Don’t be alarmed if you find yourself in this circumstance. We’ll go through how to unlock a locked window based on the different sorts of locks and window types in this post. So, let’s get this party started.

How To Open A Window From The Outsideopen a window from the outside

How to open a window from the outside is discussed here.

Checking Window

The first and most apparent step is to see if the window is open. If that’s the case, simply grip the top of it with your hand and slowly pull downwards.

It should be simple to swing open. If not, things become a little problematic. To fully release the latching mechanism, hook a crowbar or similar tool into the little space between one side of the frame and the ledge and wiggle.

It around until you hear a click from the latching mechanism, then gently tug the handle upwards. Once you’ve obtained some leverage, all it takes is a little wiggle to guarantee optimum convenience while inserting your crowbar tool.

Using Hacksaw Bladeusing hacksaw blade

Place a thin hacksaw blade near one of the latches at the bottom of the door. Then, by sliding the blade straight in, try flipping the lock with a tiny upward angle.

Push the clasp with the blade until it unlocks if you can reach it. If that doesn’t work, take your flathead screwdriver place the tip side-on into the keyhole, and carefully slide it around in circles until you locate anything that moves.

Which should be one of the levers inside linking to your other lock. To unlock both doors, move it back up towards you.

Breaking Lock

Breaking a lock is not something we recommend you do at home! That’s because if you break the lock, the window will be rendered inoperable.

While this may appear to be your only choice if your lock is very tough to open, rest assured that there are alternative options, such as utilizing a pry bar, that is far safer and may allow you to enter your home even in an emergency.


Is it possible to open a window from the outside?

From the outside, open a sliding window. It is frequently feasible to manually flip the lock that keeps the window from opening if you can insert a tiny saw blade between the sashes, near to the latch.

Another approach to unlock a locked sliding window is to use thick gloves to break the window glass and remove a portion of it, allowing you to reach inside and physically turn the locking mechanism. Breaking glass within the window or handle may cause cuts if you don’t wear insulated gloves.

What are the steps for opening a storm window from the outside?

Depending on what you prefer, you can either remove the screws from the storm window frame and then work it loose with your hands or use a utility knife to slash through any caulk that may be connecting window trim to the frame under the storm shutter.

To save time and effort, one could also unscrew longer screws from the door or molding, or reuse old ones if they so desire.

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