How to open a padlock without a key

How to open a padlock without a key. Having a lock for your padlock is immensely important. Without one, you have no way of securing your valuables.

One can easily lose the key to their padlock and if this happens they should not panic.

There are quick fixes that can solve problems like these in spite of the stressful situations they can get us into! It’s important to always keep a spare set of keys in case something goes wrong.

Otherwise, you might find yourself absolutely desperate when out of nowhere, you drop the keys to your lock into a sewer grate.

How to open a padlock without a key

how to open a padlock without a key

It can be super annoying having the key to your padlock disappear. There are ways that you can get a padlock off if you’ve lost your key, though.

The first thing you’ll want to do is to gather some household items like a wrench, duct tape, and WD-40.

Gently insert the wrench into the lock and turn it left repeatedly until the hasp gives in and comes off.

Then take your duct tape and secure the ends on each side of the missing keyhole in order to keep intruders out while you find an answer that isn’t replacing expensive locks.

There are other ways to remove a padlock too read this article we wrote on how it’s done. Or alternatively, you could always pick up a spare set of keys from your local hardware store.

Using the Wrench Method

using the wrench method

If you have a lock-picking set there are ways to break the pin tumblers of the deadbolt lock.

To begin, hold the lock in your left hand. Insert a metal or round hook end of the pick tool into the slot where it would accept a key.

Rotate clockwise until it gets stuck, and then hold it in place with your thumb.

To finish taking off the pin tumblers, make a bend in the bottom half of a hair clip about 1″ from the bottom, and insert that into the hole.

Alternatively, use a small end wrench if you happen to have one lying around. Simply rotate the pick towards you counterclockwise until everything is moving again.

Using the Hammer Technique

You have to manually insert the shackle into the shackle-hole. You can do that by carefully sliding it in through the mouth of an open door or window.

The key element here is to be gentle so as not to damage your lock security device for example.

Once you feel like there is no slacker and it’s in position, start force testing by rotating the shackle back and forth.

Or if possible, pull on one half while pulling on another portion at the same time although that type of activity can actually break your lock mechanism which isn’t ideal either.

When you’re ready, use a hammer with a flat face on it to strike down on top of the two sides where there are pins located.

You will usually hear them click inside and they will disengage which allows you access into whatever property used to be hiding further behind the doors and windows before you decided to disengage them.

Apply a Bolt Cutter Method

apply a bolt cutter method

Now let’s learn how to bypass a padlock without a key.

This might seem simple at first glance, but in reality, it’s still something that needs well-thought-out precision and caution.

Thankfully, there are simply two sides of the padlock (the shears) to where one has to apply a bolt cutter right on.

Next up you want to squeeze both handles of your bolt cutter until the shackle is snapped off.

This can be achieved with brute force applying pressure to break through tough material such as steel.

If you want your process to be even less conspicuous, then you should consider buying a grinder or some other tool capable of cutting through this material. However, it would make quite a lot of noise in the process.

Crushing with compressed air

One way to get a storage locker open when the lock is jammed or broken is by using air pressure.

You can find cans of compressed air at a home improvement store, drugstores, or even pharmacies. You will also need an ax and toolbox in order to use this trick.

Compressed air can be used to unlock many different kinds of locks so long as there is no electronic component involved.

To use this method, spray the side of the locking mechanism for about 25 to 40 seconds on each side with compressed air.

Usually, it’s best to aim most spraying at the shaking part of the locking mechanism and hold the can around 10 inches from where you are spraying.

Once finished, immediately follow up with a solid blow from an ax and hammer combination straight into the breach.

You have made in order to break apart whatever remains of the lock and whatever is left attached. This process should leave your storage area locker unlocked.

How to open a padlock without a key

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