How To Open A Locked Door

How To Open A Locked Door. Locks can be quite helpful in implementing security measures in your home, business, or car.

When you are locked out of a room in your respective residence, place of business, and vehicle because you’ve lost, forgotten, or broken the key, and its after-hours knowing how to unlock locks in various ways can come in handy in a pinch.

Here are some tips on how to get through a locked door when you’re locked out with limited choices for assistance.

How To Open A Locked Doorhow to open a locked door

Put the tension wrench in the correct position by holding it in the correct direction.

Push the tension wrench into the lock with the rake in hand, and twist both tools in opposite directions while working by feel.

Use the tension wrench to pull metal tumblers out of position so they can’t hold anything.

How to open a locked door is discussed here.

Credit Card Use To Unlock Door Lock

Locksmiths may modify credit cards to make them look like knives so they can pick locks with them. It can either be done by folding the card over or by cutting it with scissors.

It is then necessary to push up one side of the latch, insert the card right into the hole right between them and press slightly down so that it pushes open the latch on your lock.

Using a slight amount of pressure on whichever side of the door will allow you to trip the latch this way multiple times until you are able to get it open.

Use Of Knife To Unlock Door Lock

It may sound excessive or unsafe to use a knife instead of a key, but there are plenty of locks that can be opened with a butter knife.

Old-fashioned bathroom doors often have several flat keyholes. Turning the knife blade over the keyhole will immediately unlock the door.

However, this method can only unlock very simple keyholes, not more complex ones. If a butterknife is slid between the door jam and the door from below, it will be able to open any lock if there is enough room.

Once you have a butter knife, slide it between the striker plate and the bolt. To get it around the bolt, you may need to apply some pressure. In order to remove the bolt from its position, pull hard on the knife.

You could also use a butter knife instead of paper clips or even a lock-picking set to pick the lock. When you put pressure on the bolt to open it, inserting the knife into where the bolt should go will allow you to pop it open until you get lucky.

Screwdriver Use To Unlock Door Lock

With a screwdriver, you can easily open a door that is locked. The simplest trick is to use an old-fashioned latch bolt locking mechanism similar to what you see on cupboard doors and less expensive wardrobes.

First, try inserting your small or thin screwdriver into the hole of the latch assembly and retracting the spring-loaded part, which will allow you to open the lock by just turning it or twisting it until it opens.

You may still be able to open the door if the tool does not fit in the key slot. Your screwdriver can be wedged between the latch bolt and the frame.

Push the bolt back into your house or car door by wriggling it. The screwdriver technique is effective not only for house doors but vehicles as well.

Apply Drilling Method

Drilling a lock can be done only in certain rare cases. It is highly recommended that you do not try and do this on your own at home, as it poses a risk to your safety and the lock will become damaged beyond repair.

While it is important for locksmiths to know how to drill a lock, everything should be done out of necessity only when other approaches have failed.

Drilling through the keyhole or top of the lock may damage things that are internal in ways that may take months to repair, if they can be repaired at all.

The process is also quite loud and creates flying shrapnel, which can harm you and or others around you.

Using A Paperclip To Pick

This is a great lock-picking alternative that one can use if one does not have the key or hairpin. With two bobby pins, it can also be used to open handle locks and tumbler locks.

However, paperclips are made of more tensile strong materials, making them more likely to bend without breaking easily. So, one can make various picking tools out of half pieces or full paperclips for opening padlocks, for instance, since a single paperclip can be bent into two parts.

You will need a rake pick to manipulate the pins and a tension wrench to apply rotational pressure to the plug. Feeler picks still work, but rake picks have multiple manipulation points.

Therefore, it’s faster at picking locks than its single-point counterpart. A paper clip can be used to make a tension wrench if your lock is on a doorknob latch. People usually take longer than they think to master the lock-picking trick.

Use Of Metal Coat Hanger

The metal coat hanger can be a useful tool if there is some space between the door and the wall or the floor. You’ll need to bend it into a handle by turning it but leave its hook intact this is the key that allows you to unlock locked doors. Insert it into the space between your door and its interior panel.

Then, wrap the hook around whatever latch assembly is on your door. Finally, start pulling while also turning your doorknob with your other hand.

The hanger will push hard enough on the latch bolt to force it loose from its strike plate within seconds.

How To Open A Locked Door

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