How to make Velcro stick again

How to make Velcro stick again. This is ideal because it’s easily adjustable, plus it’s a great hook solution for all of your fastening needs.

This hook and loop fastener set consists of two separate pieces with one component having tiny hooks.

While the other piece contains an array of matching loops. When the two fastener pieces are brought together they hold with a tight grip and create a strong, tight seal.

How to make Velcro stick again

how to make velcro stick again

Velcro Brand fasteners can become matted and lose the ability to stick when they are exposed to dust and excessive dirt.

By using a toothbrush, you’re able to freshen up these fasteners and bring back any lost adhesiveness that might have occurred due to being exposed to too much grime.

This will allow you to get full use out of your Velcro products great for old sticky fixtures at home as well as products that have seen better days.

File Card Method

This trick requires a flat, small wooden paddle. It should be smaller than your hairbrush, but the edges should be smooth and sturdy with plenty of fine metal bristles.

You can use these bristles to remove hair or lint stuck between the Velcro hoops. The Velcro paddle will maximize the gripping power of your Velcro by cleaning any hoops that have a lot of burdocks or debris attached to them.
Hardware stores sell fine file cards that aren’t expensive. In order to clean Velcro with a fine file card, you need to lay one side of the hook flat on a table.
Starting from the right-hand side, gently scrub the Velcro with longer strokes without moving back and forth or up and down on one side only otherwise, your Velcro will not be thoroughly cleaned. Besides a fine file card.

Using a Pet Brush

using a pet brush

Pet brushes have bristles that are just a few millimeters long and designed to attract fur.

For this reason, many people will suggest using them for cleaning up pet hair from carpets or upholstery and the same goes for Velcro.

Yet the bristles on a Velcro pet brush are barely even noticeable, so it might take you longer with this method to clean your product of pet hair than if you used a stiff card.

When using a Velcro pet brush to remove fur, start by securing one end of the hook side of your Velcro to something stable then brush toward your hand slowly to get rid of excess hair and dust.

If you want faster results, grab an old toothbrush since its bristles are thinner than those on most pet brushes, but it’s important not to press too hard because the bristles will bend more easily.

Using Tweezers or Pins

Using a pair of tweezers to remove lint or pet hair from your Velcro straps is a great way to keep it clean and tidy. The good thing about this method is that you can accomplish the job in one go.

And the task is pretty straightforward too, as all you have to do is slide the hair out between the hooks representing Velcro’s clasps.

Even if you don’t have tweezers at your disposal, make sure to use a pin or needle instead as they are also effective when it comes to removing unwanted particles caught in the fabric.

However, be careful as picking something with regular scissors could damage the Velcro material after a while! Instead, try using an Exacto knife or small paperclip as your new makeshift tweezer.

Keep on sliding the pin through each individual loop until you notice the elasticity better and more wrinkles appear on an upright surface.

Hook-on-Hook Trick

The manufacturer suggests using another piece of the loop side to clean out your Velcro. Brace one end of the clogged loop tape and use a clean piece to comb out the debris. This method will take the longest and require the most effort.

Apply Duct Tape Method

apply duct tape method

The thickness of duct tape makes it a great option for removing Velcro clogs quickly.

In an elastic roll, wrap about two feet of duct tape around your dominant hand’s index and middle fingers.

Using the clog-taped fingers, place them directly over the clog in question and apply firm pressure to dislodge the object from Velcro.

If the tape becomes clogged with debris, periodically check it for load and change it whenever necessary.

How to make Velcro stick again

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