How To Make Dark Blue

How To Make Dark Blue. Blue is a fundamental color that may be used excessively. On the color wheel, blue denotes monarchy and appears more frequently than many other hues.

Artists may portray depth and mood in their paintings by learning how to blend different tones of blue. As a result, it’s critical to develop your color blending skills.

In this post, we’ll show you how to better comprehend what colors form blue, as well as how to improve your natural aptitude to match tones so you can design your own.

How To Make Dark Blue

how to make dark blue

Dark blue may be created by combining black and blue. Of course, for a deeper tint, you could also use orange or purple.

We will discuss how to make dark blue in this article.

Step 1

Fill your palette with the amount of dark blue paint you’ll need for your project.

You should have enough to cover this entire region, plus a little more in case, something goes wrong.

If you don’t finish your project, put any leftover paint in an airtight container away from direct sunlight in a cold, dry location.

Place a paper towel or sponge in the bottom of the container to prevent it from drying out completely, or put clean water into the original container for appropriate storage.

Step 2

Place some black paint next to the blue paint in a different section of the palette. However, avoid placing black immediately on top of blue.

It’s best to keep it separate so you may gradually add more to your brush rather than obtaining a shade that’s excessively dark by accident.

Step 3

Apply a dot of black paint on your brush with care. Take that dot over to the blue paint and carefully slide it across the edge of the puddle to produce a dark-blue runoff.

Make cautious not to apply too much black since it might have a far more disastrous effect than you anticipated.

Step 4

step 4 guide

To begin combining colors, add a little bit of black to the blue paint at a time.

Then blend them together with a mixing tool or cross-hatch strokes with your paintbrush.

You don’t have to mix everything well because it might ruin the color. Just mix them up enough to get a sense of the color.

Step 5

To make more blue, add additional black, being sure to add just the correct quantity until the desired hue is achieved.

However, don’t add too much black to your mixture or you’ll wind up with a deeper hue than you wanted. If this is the case, add more blue paint to make it lighter.

If desired, you may always make a new color by adding blue or black to your mixture at this stage.


What is the secret to making light blue?

It’s really simple to make light blue paint. If you already have a dark blue base coat, you may tint it with white paints to get lighter hues.

When making midnight blue, how do you do it?

To make a blue base, simply add a little amount of blue paint to a black basis. There is no set amount of blue paint to add; simply keep mixing until it reaches the deep color of midnight black.

How To Make Dark Blue

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