How to make a chain link fence look nice

How to make a chain link fence look nice. Though very inexpensive, a chain-link fence can look rather stark and give the appearance of being non-exclusive.

Some people looking to be more exclusive might even go as far as having a city ordinance banning chain link fences within their communities.

However, there is another option a real wood fence that isn’t nearly as cheap to set up and maintain but which is much more aesthetically pleasing making it the perfect solution for those who want to be somewhat exclusive without completely eliminating the privacy needed.

how to make a chain link fence look nice

Fortunately, chain-link fences don’t need to be boring. There are several ways that you can redesign a chain-link fence in order to make it both more interesting and appealing.

Things Required

You’ll have multiple options when it comes to fencing: metal, wood, or bamboo. Fences can cost as little as $20 to install and are easy enough to build on your own.

If you’re looking for privacy and security, wood fencing might be the way to go. However, you won’t be able to get more than about 4 inches of clearance from the ground with this type of fence, which is why most people prefer the 6-foot design.

Metal fencing is expensive but lasts quite a bit longer than wood fencing. All in all, wood provides landscapers with greater versatility when installing fences along with rural and suburban properties because it can easily camouflage chain link fences used for privacy purposes.

Pulled Weeds Along Your Fence

Mow your lawn and tidy up any weeds growing around your chain-link fence before performing any other maintenance. Rake and discard the grass clippings and pull weeds around the fence.

Install Rolled Bamboo Fences

Installing a rolled bamboo fence is a quick and inexpensive way to hide a chain-link fence.

The bamboo sections are generally sold in lengths that can go as high as eight feet (twice the height of a typical chain-link fence) and you can purchase the sections with or without wire already running through them.

Keep the front of the bamboo facing outward if your goal is to shield people from seeing unsightly fencing materials behind it.

Or, face the front of the bamboo toward oncoming traffic when you want them to see a less industrial-looking side of your home or office building.

clean your chain link fence

Keeping your chain-link fence in good condition is hard work. To clean off rust and make it smooth and attractive, rub the chain with a wire brush dipped in soapy water.

Then apply some naval jelly to stubborn places, especially on the ends of the links.

After all that hard work, give the fence a coat of wax and it will go a long way toward keeping that fence looking nice.

chain link fences should be painted

To give your chain-link fence a new look, it might be a good idea to paint it.

Look for paint formulated for metal surfaces and make sure to choose a color that will work with your home’s existing aesthetic.

Flat black is a sophisticated choice, whereas bold primary colors can add some excitement.

Two coats of paint should suffice. Let the outdoor paint dry thoroughly before handling the finished product.

Put up Privacy Slats

Install privacy slats within the mesh of your chain link fencing to bring about an added level of privacy and some delightful color.

Privacy slats are available at chain link fencing companies and can be found online or at a local home improvement center.

The slats slide through the top of the linking and are woven into the mesh via a system they have in place to lock them in place so that they stay secure.

Growing Plants Around the Fence

Vine fast-growing plants to hide unattractive fences like morning glory or ivy. The plant grows quickly and can reach heights of ten feet; it produces tubular-shaped blooms in pink, blue, and purple colors.

They will die off in the fall but should reseed themselves and grow again each spring. Ivy is also a fast-growing vine that can cover the fencing with lush green leaves over time.

If doing something more adventurous, try climbing roses with their beautiful red blooms; however, if you’re inexperienced be sure to grow these flowers inside a proper support system like a trellis.

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