How to level exterior concrete slab

How to level exterior concrete slab. There is a tripping hazard associated with uneven concrete slabs. The new concrete slab will ensure that it is flat and cannot be accidentally cracked or damaged.

Concrete can be leveled by first purchasing leveling compounds and then repairing the low spots on your existing concrete surface and then laying down a new concrete slab over the area repaired and leveled.

In addition to home improvement stores and online retailers, leveling compound is available from many sources.

How to level exterior concrete slab

how to level exterior concrete slab

Apply a layer of the compound to the identified low areas on the concrete slab, smoothing it out with a trowel.

Work at a rapid pace since the leveling compound will dry in less than 1 hour after being mixed with water. Finish applying additional compound as needed.

How to level an uneven exterior concrete slab using a leveling compound.

Getting rid of dirt and debris

Before leveling any uneven concrete slab surface, it is important to first sweep any dirt and debris off the surface.

If you don’t have a broom handy, you can also use a hose to clean away most of the loose particles.

Now that the slab has been cleaned, hosing down the surface with water should do the trick.

The water should loosen up most of the dirt that may have gotten stuck in between cracks, making it easy to pick out once it has dried completely for about thirty minutes.

Apply a coating of the latex primer

Next, you must get a clean paint roller along with a paint tray and pour about ½ gallon of latex primer into the tray.

After this, roll your paint roller through the primer until it seeps into the walls of the paint tray.

Then apply a coating of the latex primer onto the concrete slab and make sure you leave it to dry for at least 12 hours first.

Identify the uneven spots

identify the uneven spots

Identify the uneven spots in the concrete slab that will require repair.

This step will help one pinpoint the exact points to repair with a screwdriver and hammer to avoid more money being spent than necessary fixing areas that don’t need as much attention.

Place a 2 x 4-inch wooden board onto the slab, keep it level using a carpenter’s level, and then drive screws through its mole there are any loose or uneven spots on the surface.

Pour a leveling compound

Pour a leveling compound such as the Rapid Set Concrete Leveler into a clean bucket. You must then add water to the mixture in an amount equal to the amount specified on your bucket of Rapid Set (typically 1:3 or 2:3).

For example, if you have a 5-gallon bucket of Rapid Set, you must add 5 gallons of water next.

Now carefully mix the two together using firm mixing sticks until they become well combined and there are no lumps present anymore.

Apply a coating of the compound

Finally, the rapid set concrete leveler compound is applied to the areas most in need of it. You can use a trowel to smooth the surface after filling the low spots.

During this stage, time is of the essence since concrete often dries out within an hour of being wet. Once you have smoothed out all low spots and your slab has dried, it’s time to take a break.

How to level exterior concrete slab

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