How To Kill Maggots In Trash Can

How To Kill Maggots In Trash Can. Maggots are the beginning stage of flies. If a fly were to lay its eggs, the eggs would start to hatch and become larvae or maggots.

Maggots don’t necessarily immediately turn into adult flies right away, but instead, transform into pupas where then grow for a little while longer until they take on their final form as adult fly.

You may be wondering how flies can have so many offspring without your knowing it. The reality is that one single female fly could lay hundreds of eggs at once.

How To Kill Maggots In Trash Cankill maggots in trash can

After removing garbage, pour boiling water inside your trash bin. Make sure you use an ample amount of boiling water.

Allow the water to sit in the bin for about 30 minutes. Water at higher temperatures will kill the maggots and eliminate unwanted eggs.

In this article, we discuss how to kill maggots in trash cans.

Get Rid Of The Garbage Infested Trash Can

When killing maggots, look first for the garbage can. Remove it from the trash bin immediately and transport it to a designated spot outside where you will dispose of it properly.

Some people choose to wait until after the garbage men have come around to haul away the trash before they decide to start getting rid of the maggots themselves but we advise against this as doing so could result in transporting live maggots into a clean garbage container.

Take a look inside your bin after you’ve swept and gotten rid of the larger debris. Make sure nothing can harm or crawl around on your floors such as soggy newspapers, napkins, tissues, or q-tips.

Having all this cleaned out will ensure there are no live maggots lurking in your premises just waiting to infest it again.

Boiling Water Kills Maggots Instantly

After your garbage can has been completely emptied of all garbage and debris, it’s time to kill any maggots or eggs inside.

Wait for the water in a large pot to come to a rolling boil before you put it on the stove. Carefully transfer this pot outdoors to where your garbage bin is and pour the boiling water inside.

Repeat this process a few times over to ensure you have removed or killed any remaining fly eggs or maggots in the trash can.

Clean The Empty Trash Can Carefully

Next, it’s time to clean that can. Grab a scrub brush or mop and your favorite homemade cleaner for cleaning cans, or use baking soda and vinegar for a good homemade top-down approach.

If you’re wondering how to get rid of maggots, you could make your own vinegar cleaning solution, or you could mix water and rubbing alcohol and thoroughly mix them together to create a homemade cleaner.

Skip down to the Homemade Cleaners section of this article where you’ll learn how to make your own Trash Can Cleaner from items likely already in your kitchen cupboards or medicine cabinet.

Add Boiling Water To Your Trash Can (If You Wish)

This step is optional, but we want to emphasize that it’s extremely important if you have a severe infestation of maggots.

The idea of repeating this trick a few more times is an excellent idea if you have a trashcan with many hiding spots. In the area where cracks and crevices are found, be particularly careful to make sure that there are no maggots left behind.

In order to eliminate maggots quickly, you need to get rid of all the worms, flies, and larvae first before you move on to the next steps.

Thoroughly Rinse The Trash Can With A Hose

Now that you’re almost done, I want to congratulate you. It is a good idea to turn your garbage bin on its side and give it a good rinse with your water hose.

Dry Your Trash Can In The Sun

Now that you’ve figured out how to kill maggots and your garbage bin is clean, place the lid on top of it. This will help prevent any flies or other insects from laying their eggs in your garbage so that they do not multiply quickly, which would mean bigger problems for you down the line.

The sun will also dry out the insides of your bin to ensure that you don’t get rained on by trash water when it pours after a downpour.

Don’t Put Infested Garbage Back In The Bin

Finally, do not put infested garbage back into your trash can. You will have to clean it all over again and repeat that long process.

You should also make sure that when you throw trash away in your garbage can that you do so properly. Make sure you dispose of trash in sealed plastic bags and that your trash can’s lid is tightly closed and sealed.

It might also be worth your while to sprinkle a few drops of peppermint oil or spray ammonia directly over your garbage to help repel pests in the future.


Does bleach kill maggots in the bin?

Bleach kills maggots, you’ll be happy to know. In a plastic or metal bowl, mix equal parts bleach and water.

Spread the mixture over the maggot-infested area and make sure you cover all the maggots it may take two applications. Once clean, pour more bleach and water to ward off another infestation.

What is the best way to clean a bin full of maggots?

Pour hot water that has been boiled with a small quantity of bleach into the bin. Alternatively, add some malt vinegar to boiling water and pour it into the bin.

Salt can also be effective at eliminating maggots and their larvae which are the actual cause of these pests’ invading bins.

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