How to keep wasps away from hummingbird feeders

How to keep wasps away from hummingbird feeders. Among one of the most delightful airborne visitors heading to a yard or colorful hummingbirds.

They visit in order to feed on flower nectar, but they can be encouraged to visit if you hang a hummingbird feeder near a window or patio.

Albeit when feeding hummingbirds, a homeowner may find that bees, wasps, and yellow jackets are also drawn to the feeder sometimes in numbers sufficient enough to scare away the hummers.

By adopting several prevention measures with regard to both intruders, homeowners can keep these pests from ruining their chance of enjoying the beauty of hummingbirds.

How to keep wasps away from hummingbird feeders

how to keep wasps away from hummingbird feeders

Make it a point to strategically place feeders around your home that encourage Hummingbirds. Pay special attention to details like where the Sun is shining, and how high you hang the feeder on the pole so that you attract hummingbirds and appeal to them to stay close by.

You can do this by visiting a site that specializes in recommendations for keeping these tiny creatures nearby and allured towards your terrace or deck.

Use Red Saucer Feeders

One way to keep bees and wasps away is by using a saucer hummingbird feeder. With their long tongues, hummers can reach the nectar in saucer feeders, but insects simply cannot.

Plus, while hummingbirds prefer red flowers, bees are more attracted to yellow instead. To make your own hummingbird sugar water: 4 cups of boiling water 1 cup white sugar Stir until sugar dissolves.

Let cool to room temperature. Add one tablespoon of lemon juice or orange juice per quart of cooling solution Place a 12-oz bottle into lukewarm water (makes it easier to fill). Refrigerate Solution will last up to two weeks.

Using Fishing line

If you want to attract hummingbirds, you’ll need to unwind a length of fishing wire inside your feeder (with the same diameter as that on your fishing line) so that it reaches the bottom without dipping into the Humbird fluids.

Install an Ant Moat

To keep ants off a hummingbird feeder, make certain the feeder is sugar-water-based. Ants hate sugar and will shy away from hummingbird feeders that are mostly made of sweetened water.

Once ants start infesting one location, it can be tricky to remove them. If you lift them to the edge of a container and slowly pour ant-deterrent liquid into it, they’ll be forced to run over the bleach on their way back to their nest.

Be sure any molded plastic materials used for these detergents are shiny side up ants typically decline paper surfaces coated with an adhesive substance like cellophane tape or cardboard with printing on it.

Holes with Nectar Guard Tips

Nectar guards prevent bees, wasps, and yellow jackets from getting to the hummingbird feeder – though hummingbirds can still manage to get to the nectar when they try.

You can purchase replacement yellow bee guards for glass bottle feeders that come with four holes each depending on how many hummers you have in your backyard or if you don’t want yellow wasps to have access.

Continually Move Feeders

holes with nectar guard tips

Depending on the feeder, simply moving it by 3 or 4 feet will often cause insects to lose track of it.

Birds still find the feeders easily because they can locate them before they arrive thanks to the scents emitted and the noises they make while in flight.

Bee and Hummingbird-friendly Flowers

Give the bees something beautiful to feast on! Bees and other pollinators love flowers with their nectar so it’s important to make pollen a part of what they eat as well.

Try vibrant annuals like fuchsia or impatiens, along with perennial favorites such as trumpet flower and calendula.

How to keep wasps away from hummingbird feeders

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