How to hang stuffed animal hammock

How to hang stuffed animal hammock. When it comes to the storage of all things toys, a hammock is on-a-whim.

A toy hammock is basically a storage solution that’s a mesh carrier for toys, stuffed animals, and pillows.

An inexpensive way to put everything within easy reach without taking up space on the floor or filling entire shelves with smaller objects.

With room for around 10 toys and as simple to hang like any other swimsuit hanger using two or three loops and mounting hooks (always included).

If you buy yourself one of these (if you haven’t already) then this will be the easiest thing you’ve done today.

How to hang stuffed animal hammock

how to hang stuffed animal hammock

Chain the three separate pieces of chain together using the plastic links and hang them onto wooden hooks.

Afterward, clip the wooden hooks to your stuffed animal hammocks and adjust each hammock to its own length.

Hang these hammocks on the wall and organize them in the way that’s most visually appealing to you.

Identify the location

Determine where you want to hang the hammock. Measure 3 feet up from the corner on each wall several feet in. If the hammock has 3 supports, measure down 3 feet from the ceiling and mark this spot with a pencil.

Hold the hammock upright

It is important to make sure the items do not collide with something while they are being held. As such, be sure to hold up the hammock on both ends to ensure a safe zone between them.

This will ensure that you don’t hit your hand on anything or vice versa. It is also important for you to double-check that the hammock is angled in a way that does not collide with furniture, walls, and other objects of this nature directly underneath it.

Mark your spots and drill pilot holes

Drill pilot holes into the marked spots. Brace yourself for the fact that you might have to drill many of them as you’ll probably need a lot of samples to perfect your design before you get it right.

Be sure to check that the size of the mounting hooks matches up with your drilled holes they should fit snugly.

Install the mounting hooks

install the mounting hooks

Make sure the mounting hooks on your wall are facing up and higher. Make sure they feel secure.

hang stuffed animal hammocks

Hang the stuffed animal hammock from hooks by using the carabiner-type loops provided with the net and mount it to a wooden ceiling joist or stud in a cool, dry location (avoid any exposed electrical sources).

Make sure you have enough clearance under the hammock for toys so that they don’t drop out and get damaged when children play in them.

How do you hang stuffed animals on a wall?

Make sure there are convenient hooks mounted on the wall where kids can easily reach them. The best place to hang these is at the same level as a kid’s wrist so they can easily reach down and get their favorite stuffed animal.

Don’t forget, since most kids have some sort of preferred stuffed toy/blanket/cuddle buddy keep an eye out for the loops on the side of its’ body to hang it on one of those hooks when you bring it home.

How do you hang stuffed animals from the ceiling?

Hooks should be used to hang the plastic chain. Adjust the length of the chain as necessary. Hang the stuffed animals from the chain by clipping the hooks onto them.

To organize the plush toys, we arranged them vertically in three rows. Sort stuffed animals according to your taste.

How to hang stuffed animal hammock

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