How To Hang Blinds Without Brackets

How To Hang Blinds Without Brackets. A wooden Venetian blind is a fantastic window treatment option. Wide wood slats and a wood headrail, as well as a bracket that mounts to the top of the window trim and to each slat, give them a more sophisticated appearance.

Although fastening brackets to the blind may appear more complicated and trendy, hanging it straight onto the window trim assures a clean and appealing look, as well as eliminating gaps between the backside of the blind and any dust that has accumulated around it.

How To Hang Blinds Without Bracketshang blinds without brackets

The following is a guide to hanging blinds without brackets.

Use Drill To Drill Holes

The first thing you’ll want to do is drill two holes in the headrail’s center. Drill them at half-inch intervals. This is best done using portable drills since it is more convenient.

If you don’t want to detach your power saw from its power source and move it somewhere, you can do it with a hammer, but we don’t encourage it because it’s frequently difficult to gain adequate balance when using one.

Just be cautious not to split the headrail; if a piece of plastic breaks off, your installation will be substantially weakened.

Use Headrail On Window Rail

Place the headrail on top of the window rail once the screws have been installed. Check to see if the rail is centered. On the headrail, place a bubble level. Assist it in staying on top of the window trim.

Over the headrail, put in the screws. Make sure they’re tight and stay on top when tightening them to make sure they don’t fall off easily from the window face, making them more robust for usage as blinds.

Drill Pilot Holes

Drill pilot holes in your window’s window trim with a drill machine. Make sure the hole is just big enough for the wood screws’ heads and no more.

If you have a metal frame with metal brackets, use metal screws rather than wood screws since metal screws will not rust and corrode over time, costing you more money. The depth of this pilot hole should be no more than 1 inch.

Install Headrail

The headrail must be installed as the final stage in this procedure. Place the head-tail over the top window trim while standing on a chair.

By centering it over the already drilled holes, you can be certain of its location. As many two-inch drywall screws as feasible should be used to fasten it.

Drywall screws are often sold in a set of six and are black in color, so they will fit in with any wooden furniture in your home.


Is it possible to install blinds without drilling?

Simply cut the paper blind with scissors and adhere it to the top or bottom of your window, pressing firmly to ensure it adheres.

It’s that simple! Installing paper blinds for a window is a terrific choice if you’re looking for a quick and easy solution to provide seclusion without putting in a lot of effort.

What is the best way to hang blinds without studs?

Using drywall anchors to keep your heavy-duty wire shelf brackets in place even if the concrete or studs underneath them are weak is a fantastic approach to ensure they stay in place.

This is especially critical when the brackets are under additional strain, like with heavier baskets and/or more of them.

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