How To Hang A Blanket On The Wall

How To Hang A Blanket On The Wall. For some people, decorating a room may be more than a struggle, especially when it comes to maintaining continuity and creating a pleasant look.

Hanging blankets about your home create a textured background that may substantially improve the overall appearance of your decor design and make a mundane place more interesting.

Simply acquiring the blanket, like with many other forms of decorating, is only half the job; how you choose to display and hang your blanket is where things become complex.

As a result, we’ve included some recommendations for easy approaches that should make this procedure easier for anyone who wants to try it themselves.

How To Hang A Blanket On The Wall

how to hang a blanket on the wall

This article explains how to hang a blanket on the wall.

Use Frame Or Board

If you have any spare wood, such as a board or a framed piece, you may use it to push up a blanket against the wall.

Staple the blanket to the additional wood backing, then fold it neatly back over it.

If your blanket is too thin, use plywood to offer an extra layer of back support. If you want to go all out, but something little, like a flower, in the blank spot behind the couch.

If the blanket is delicate or has personal significance, you might even cover it with glass to safeguard it while it is on display.

Use Clips and Hanging Nails

To string a blanket, start by hammering nails into the wall, with the number of nails depending on the size and weight of your blanket.

Bulldog clips should be used to clasp the blanket around the top, with roughly 8 inches between each clip.

Now it’s time to attach the clips to the nails! Use as many clips as you wish for a straight-looking finish; if you want your throw to seem untidy, use two on each side and one in the center.

Use Adhesive Velcro Tape

If you wish to exhibit a large blanket, Velcro-brand adhesive may be easily installed on the wall instead of going into construction.

Make sure you put the adhesive foundation to the wall first, then straighten it out by covering it with your blanket.

Allow a few minutes for them to settle in together before attempting to align corners and finishing up with the rest of the surface.

It is recommended that you begin with corners before going about as comfortably as possible until everything is in place.

Use Curtain Tab

use curtain tab

Curtain tabs are another option to put a blanket on the wall. Sew canvas strips below the top hem of your blanket to make concealed tabs that may be used like regular curtains.

You can use your blanket as a curtain with these tabs in place, but with added security.

Furthermore, rather than hanging it over the rod and risking it falling off due to the lack of hooks on sheets, just slide it over the sticks and onto the wall.


What is the best way to hang a heavy blanket?

Using a few nails in each of the blanket’s four corners is one of the most stable ways to hang your moving blanket straight on the wall.

Simply hammer the nails into place, but be sure to start at the top corners, where you’ll pre-drill two holes that are approximately 5 cm – 2 inches apart. After that, finish by hitting the bottom corners for an A+ rating!

What is the best way to hang a woven blanket?

A wooden quilt bar or tapestry bar may be used to keep your blankets organized.

However, unlike storing blankets in crates during the warmer months, these solutions ensure that your blankets are more available as the weather becomes good.


You may choose a prettier option for your blank wall after reading this guide on how to hang a blanket on a wall without burning holes in it after reading this advice on how to hang a blanket on a wall.

Of course, if you don’t trust yourself with various DIY jobs, you may always seek professional assistance.

It’s crucial to note that picking the proper fabric and design is just as important as knowing where your blanket will be hung to avoid fading or deterioration.

They’re usually seen in bedrooms, but they shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight.

How To Hang A Blanket On The Wall

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