How To Get Static Out Of Blanket

How To Get Static Out Of Blanket. Did you ever wonder how to get static out of a blanket? All of us have enjoyed jolting friends with static from our fingertips before going to bed, but the fun ends when we’re exhausted.

Imagine yourself exhausted after a hard day at work. As you pull your blanket over you for a well-deserved rest, you jolt right up. Fortunately, this article is here just for you.

How To Get Static Out Of Blanketstatic out of blanket

You can remove static charges from your bedsheets by using a dryer sheet or a wire hanger. Dryer sheets will reduce static cling and prevent static electricity from building up. Alternatively, you could use a damp washcloth to run over your bed so as not to add moisture and to dissipate static electricity.

The following is a guide to removing static from a blanket.

Laundry Should Be Hung Outside

If you’re looking to reduce static, try hanging your bedding outside. Hanging your bedding outside does several things one of them is that it will reduce the static cling in your laundry by helping the fibers realign with the moisture in the atmosphere.

The other is that it will provide a refreshing scent. Sunlight naturally degrades bacteria too so you’re killing two birds with one stone! Final tip- hang during off-peak hours so as not to expose your cleaned and dried laundry to dirt carried by windblown dust or precipitation.

Use Aluminum Ball Or Damp Towel To Dry

Friction in the dryer is a common cause of static buildup in blankets. As a result, you can eliminate static electricity by changing how you use your dryer.

For example, create an aluminum ball and add it to the drying cycle 20 minutes before it finishes. The aluminum ball will prevent static cling, so you don’t need to deal with electricity on your blanket later.

Another household remedy is a damp towel instead of an aluminum ball. Before the dying cycle is finished, a damp towel should be added to dispel the static that developed inside.

Lotion It Up

Static electricity can also be eliminated by introducing moisture. While most people think that the easiest method to reduce or eliminate static shock is by applying topical creams and lotions.

It is also possible to accomplish your goal by adding additional moisture in the dryer during your drying cycle or just by simply adding a dab of the moisture yourself before climbing into bed at night. In this way, you will provide your body with moisture, preventing static shock when you try to get into bed.

Using White Vinegar

You can remove static from your blanket using white vinegar, which will soften it and make it more comfortable. Not only can you use a ½ cup for this task, but it will also help alleviate any remaining static electricity and help remove the buildup of lint in your washing machine.

The only difference between white vinegar and fabric softeners is that it leaves no residue behind on your laundry items; and since it’s all-natural, you should make sure to stock up on vinegar and make it a staple in your household chores.

Using Baking Soda

As you find yourself cleaning your home, you will later come to realize that there are many natural products that can help.

For instance, vinegar is a naturally occurring substance that appears in virtually everyone’s kitchens and is one of the most popular household cleaners. Another thing is baking soda, which helps remove odors as well as grease.

It can also make your bedding not develop static when they go into the dryer. One key point though doesn’t add baking soda and vinegar together in the wash cycle or it might create a reaction that would make those school volcano experiments look just fine.

Changing Up Your Drying Cycle

Waiting time is greatly reduced when you dry your laundry in the dryer. If you want to keep using the dryer but don’t want to deal with static electricity, try tossing a damp hand towel into your dryer cycle over the last 20 minutes or so.

You can also add a wet rolled-up ball of aluminum foil during the last 20 minutes of a drying cycle and this will help dispel most of the static electricity that has built up.

Moisture Your Room

When you get into bed, you don’t want that annoying shock from your freshly washed and dried bedding. You can prevent this by turning on a water component located near your bedroom before crawling to bed. Implementing a humidifier into your room is the easiest way to let moisture into the dry air.

It doesn’t have to be large – a simple wall-mounted fixture can do the trick! This added moisture will eventually alleviate or eliminate the static electricity left in your blanket. Humidifiers can be useful during dry climates where inadequate moisture in the air can cause dry, cracked skin.

Dryer Sheets

Depending on the brand name, there are some dryer sheets more adept at eliminating static cling than others.

There also exist ones that are specifically designed to be used with blankets and clothing as they will reduce static cling best we’re told.

We suggest that you make a habit of making sure you introduce dryer sheets into your laundry whenever possible.

Not only is it good for removing static cling from your clothing and bedding it can also add a fresh scent and soften clothes throughout the entire cycle so not just the beginning! It saves time from having to iron everything afterward How To Get Static Out Of Blanket.

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