How To Get Rid Of Squirrels In Trees

How To Get Rid Of Squirrels In Trees. Squirrels are amazing creatures. They have little feet and bushy tails and are adorable and spunky.

Squirrels gnaw on trees for their seeds, bark, and cones, as well as certain homes for outlets and light fittings, hence they may be considered pests by homeowners.

Squirrels may also transmit illnesses like the bubonic plague, according to the Evergreen Animal Protection League, making them dangerous creatures to be near.

Squirrels can be observed in all four seasons, although they are most active in the two hours after daybreak. If you have squirrels in your backyard trees, you’ll need to use a combination of eradication procedures to get rid of them for good.

How To Get Rid Of Squirrels In Treessquirrels in trees

Squirrels in trees are challenging to remove for the average homeowner. Residents can protect trees and bird feeders with squirrel baffles, but there is no surefire way to keep them away once they decide to stay.

Only a professional wildlife removal service like Critter Control can keep them out of yards completely.

In this article, we discuss how to get rid of squirrels in trees.

Utilize Natural Repellents For Squirrels

There are several natural ways that you may be able to deter squirrels as well as other animals without having to resort to traps or poison.

Some of these include vinegar which can be sprayed around the edges of your property and at any potential access points.

Plant mint in your garden or even in pots, as the smell alone should deter squirrels from coming anywhere near your house. You could also mix safflower seeds with birdseed or sprinkle cayenne pepper over other food sources.

Keeping The Food Hiddenkeeping the food hidden

Squirrels have many different ways to find food. Always make sure your trash cans and bags are all properly closed, and clean them out every once in a while.

Frequently rake up any nuts or fruit from trees and shrubs. These foods will rot on the ground if they aren’t collected, so make sure they don’t stay there long.

If you have pets at home, don’t leave pet food out, as it attracts squirrels. Put them away in a sealed container once your pets have eaten to ensure these furry creatures don’t get their hands on anything unhealthy.

Hang any bird feeders away from your house, too, because most squirrel-proof feeders aren’t actually squirrel-proof.

Seal Any Possible Entry Points

To prevent squirrels from entering your home, locate any access points and plug up the holes. You could use strips of newspaper as a temporary barrier first to determine whether squirrels are living on your property.

Once the newspaper has been undisturbed for a couple of days, you should seal them off effectively with foam or caulk.

Make sure to look at any areas first that might provide an entry point for the rodents, like loose siding or open window frames, and stuff these away from the interior walls with a combination of wood and steel wool because squirrels will chew through them both.

Install A Fence

You need to make sure your garden or whatever area you’re trying to protect is completely encircled by a tall fence in order to have any chance of keeping squirrels out.

Also make sure every possible entryway is closed from the ground, up top, and possibly inside with wire screens on any vents, chimneys, and so forth as well as areas like patio furniture that could be easy to climb up on and squeeze through screening. Plus whatever else you can think of that might help keep those pesky little critters away.

Maintain A Tidy Yardmaintain a tidy yard

Squirrels and most other animals are very clean. This is because they cannot stand a dirty environment. An untidy yard will be more likely to attract squirrels.

Try to keep your grounds tidy and free of clutter, and get rid of any unneeded garden waste, like dead leaves or branches.

It’s especially important to clean up debris that’s piling up near the house as this could encourage squirrels to enter.

Keep your living space clean as well, such as your attic and basement. Ensure there’s no build-up of debris and clear out any waste so you can stay free of unwanted pests this winter.

Put Moving Thing

If you want to deter squirrels from visiting your yard without actually harming them, it’s important to consider motion-activated sprinklers.

Sprinklers will startle the squirrels as they run across the yard and should send a clear message that they aren’t welcome on the property.

You might also wish to implement a fence around your home or garden in case there are small gaps or crevices that give the squirrels an easy exit.

Set Up Protection Guards

It is necessary to install a protective mechanism against squirrels at various access points. For example, you could attach a wire cage around the drains and gutter of your house.

Natural predators such as squirrels will not be able to scratch or bite through this material. You can also make it difficult for them to climb trees by attaching wide metal collars high up on any tall trunks or poles.

They will not be able to climb past it if it’s at least two feet across. You can also put covers on your gutters and downspouts if they are being used by rodents resulting in roof entry points.

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