How to get rid of roaches without harming pets

How to get rid of roaches without harming pets. There are a lot of varieties of roaches, but most tend to stick with the following.

Almost all inhabit areas with food sources and many times like to live in homes. They particularly enjoy humid, dark places, much like your refrigerators.

There are many kinds of cockroaches that inhabit different parts of the world and mostly prefer still and/or wet environments when it comes to water drains or slicks.

However; they mainly enjoy dark places to avoid light but they can live anywhere as long as there are ample food sources and safe hiding places.

How to get rid of roaches without harming pets

how to get rid of roaches without harming pets

Professionals recommend silica powder as an effective and safe roach killer for pets. Since it is non-toxic, your pets can eat this product without harming them.

As a further note, silica powder is used to treat pets when pesticides have been found in their bodies.

How to prevent cockroaches

Cockroaches will often find their way into a building through cracks or holes in windows, doors, and other holes that have been left exposed.

Sealing off these doors and windows with some sort of sealant makes for an efficient repellent.

You can also consider keeping your kitchen clean especially by storing food items in closed containers as cockroaches like to crawl into these kinds of spaces to satisfy their appetites.

Also eliminating clutter around the house can largely contribute towards its overall appeal as well! Keeping counters, sinks, and floors clean will also ward them away.

By using Baking Soda

by using baking soda

If you want to get rid of cockroaches fast, you might already have something in your kitchen that does the trick: baking soda.

You’ll need about one handful of chopped onion for every quarter-cup of baking soda and place it in a shallow dish anywhere there’s been roach activity.

The roaches are drawn to the onions and as they eat the baking soda it creates gas inside their stomachs and eventually blows them up from within.

Apply Boric Acid

apply boric acid

Made from naturally-occurring compound boron mixed with water, boric acid is harmless for humans and pets.

However, it’s lethal to roaches when in contact with their legs, wings, or digestive system.

When ingested, boric acid attacks the nervous system of an insect-killing it almost instantly.

To use a paste made of boric acid to remove unfortunate pests:

1. Sprinkle the pesticide on a paper plate.

2. Add an orange peel or spoonful of peanut butter in the middle of the plate and place wherever you’ve spotted cockroaches crawling around lately.

 Glass Jar Trap Method

 glass jar trap method

A simple glass jar can be an effective trap for roaches. Simple place some peanut butter, coffee granules,

food scraps or other things inside a glass jar and cover it with a lid

(make sure the jar is clean and that there are no unnecessary openings that could compromise the integrity of the system).

Place this in strategic positions around your house. It will act as bait to attract a lot of cockroaches into the trap. When their bodies start to accumulate inside.

Take them out empty them out, and re-make the trap so that you can use it again. Doing this on a daily basis but remember to wash up your jars too.

Borax should be affective

Borax is a laundry and cleaning product that some people might have heard of.

It’s excellent for dealing with roaches easily, it can be mixed in equal parts with sugar and placed in areas where the pests are most likely to go and consume the mixture.

When it enters their bodies, the borax will dehydrate them and kill them within about 24 hours.

You can use essential oils

Essential oils are a great way to repel roaches. For instance, peppermint or lemongrass essential oils natural oils and mixes well with water for easy application.

Spray the solution anywhere you’ve seen roaches so that they remain out of your home.

Using Citrus

Cockroaches will avoid citrus-scented items such as lemons. If you are familiar with the smells they avoid, then create a solution of water and lemon oil and use it to mop your floor.

The scent of the solution is safe for human consumption creating an astringent effect when consumed.

Hairspray can be a great tool

Cockroaches are disgusting creatures. They spread disease and eat our food, but thankfully there is a 100% effective way.

How to get rid of them for good by using items that you will likely have in your home already. Simply take either hairspray or spray fluid from an old kitchen cabinet and spray it onto the roaches.

The chemicals in these household items are very effective at killing them off, however,

there is the problem that they might die where you don’t want them to: inside walls or underclothes, etc.

If this occurs, then simply place the dead insect in a sealed bag and dispose of it so that it doesn’t stink up your house.

Not all roaches can be affected by spraying on the first try, so keep repeating until you find one that reacts to it.

How to get rid of roaches without harming pets

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