How to get rid of black beetles

How to get rid of black beetles. They are commonly found at the perimeter of homes and properties.

Unless given proper constraints such as nesting material, black beetles have been known to inhabit even the interior of a structure.

These insects will grow in size from about 1/4th an inch to almost 2 inches long. The ones that fill our sights arrive in varying shades of brown and usually possess black coloring.

Though they may appear deceptively soft, their bodies are actually very tough just like their puny counterparts, the ladybug or random house ant.

We know it makes you cringe when you step on one, their exterior is rock solid.

How to get rid of black beetles

how to get rid of black beetles

Get rid of Beetles outside your home. There are several ways you can use to do this: Use old dish soap and water to kill beetles that come inside your kitchen. It might seem very basic, but if it works, it is worth doing.

If the beetles keep coming back, try something stronger like a bug spray. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to suck them up while they are on top of the ground. Once again, very simple yet effective.

You can also make a homemade beetle trap by hanging old cardboard boxes with wet insecticidal soap in them.

If you think the beetles may be coming from your bushes or other landscaping elements, simply wash them with insecticidal soap.


Black beetles love pine straws, wood chips, and other materials because they can make their own comfortable homes in them.

They will nest under household items like mulch, thatch, and even piles of straw.

When it rains too much or is too hot outside, the black beetle will want to find somewhere more protected to rest.

If a house happens to be nearby the black beetle will choose this place for its overwintering needs.

In the fall, black beetles will head back out looking for safer places like your home to spend the winter.

 A Guide To Treating Black Beetles

Because they have a thick skin and body motion used when walking, ready-to-use sprays will not be effective when treating a beetle infestation. Black beetles will easily overcome such formulations.

Combine this with the ground’s ability to absorb such items and it is unlikely that any ready-to-use spray can provide the necessary residual to have a significant impact.

However, something that will work is mixing two products. First, apply MAXXTHOR GRANULES around the perimeter of your house where the turf meets the mulch area surrounding your home.

For every 1,000 square feet of turf you are trying to protect, apply 1.2 pounds of granules once per month when problems are active; once every three months in order to ensure they don’t come back again during the off months.

The Best Black Beetle Spray

After applying the granules, spray over the top with our product called MAXXTHOR EC.

This will help repel far more than just black beetles, but in this instance, we’ll give you some tips on how to use this particular product on these critters specifically.

Add 0.5oz per gallon of water and use this to spray around 1,000 square feet of ground that

surrounds your house and its foundation in order to protect it from damage by black beetles and other types of vermin who may be trying to find their way inside for shelter in the wintertime.

When temperatures become much colder and you don’t want your home or property including your foundations being eaten up by such pests.

Black Beetle Spray For Indoors

If black beetles have already invaded your house, you can spray the cracks in your baseboards and windows with FS MP AEROSOL. FS MP systems are easy to use and effective when they’re needed.

It’s ideal for killing virtually any kind of insect, but it is not practical for large areas or production facilities like farms because the amount you need to use would make it expensive.

For these situations, we recommend using BITHOR sprayed over carpeting, baseboards, windows, and other routes of entry to your home since it will stop them.

Mix 1 oz per gallon of water and apply the mixture over 1,000 sq/ft of the area until they’re gone completely.

How to get rid of black beetles

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