How To Get Rid Of Birds In Chimney

How To Get Rid Of Birds In Chimney. Many people mistake the chirping and commotion emanating from their chimneys for migratory birds.

While this is a typical cause of chimney chirps, especially in the summer, the infamous chimney swift is more likely to be the perpetrator.

Because these migrating birds are protected in the United States under the Migratory Bird Act of 1918, killing them is not an option. Instead, lock your chimney so that swifts can’t build nests in the future.

How To Get Rid Of Birds In Chimney

The purpose of this article is to explain how to get rid of birds in chimneys.

Method 1

method 1

For birds, noisy situations are uncomfortable. The majority of birds are frightened by loud noises.

Make sure the radio is always turned on near the fireplace’s entrance.

Evicting the birds might take anything from a week to two weeks. Run a light in the room you’re doing this in all the while.

As well as inside the fireplace, to make the situation even less inviting for any birds that could choose to stay in the region rather than migrate elsewhere for more favorable circumstances.

Method 2

If your chimney isn’t properly sealed, a flock of birds can come in. After they’ve been removed, cover your chimney and use wire mesh to seal all vents and cracks.

Before you seal it firmly, listen for any scratching or chirping sounds. You don’t want to block off home for another bird that may wind up becoming caught within the chimney and taking an early flight.

It’s also crucial to ensure that any dead animals inside the chimney don’t cause odor problems or other hazards when it’s utilized often.

Method 3

Many people find the concept of killing and skinning birds repulsive, yet ammonia is the most efficient method to get rid of them.

Place a pan in your fireplace and adjust the damper. Allow it to come to a boil, then release some toxic smells that may tempt them to flee.

Because birds can’t smell, this strategy might take at least two weeks to eliminate the birds from your home, as you’ll have to wait for nature to run its course during that time.


Is it possible to hear birds in the chimney?

Try to locate the source of any strange noises or the absence thereof floating in the air.

If you hear pigeons cooing from your roof or observe birds flying around dropping things into your chimney, there’s a good possibility that a blockage has occurred.

Always be cautious not to release hazardous carbon monoxide gas when attempting to solve this problem. Another clue that there could be a problem within your chimney is a fly infestation.

When will my chimney become a nesting site for birds?

Homeowners are usually instructed just to wait until the birds go on their own as most of the time they do not take any action.

In the good news department, chimney swift chicks generally don’t start making noise until they are around a month old, and they also leave the nest around a month later.

How To Get Rid Of Birds In Chimney

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