How To Get Pen Off The Wall

How To Get Pen Off The Wall. You might cover an ink spill with paint in order to disguise it, but you can remove ink with items you might already have around your house.

One way is to use a little bit of liquid soap and then wipe clean. Another is to take a warm needle and scratch the area, which will then dissolve the stain so you can brush it away.

However, whether covering ink or erasing something written on paper, always remember that it’s easier to prevent these mistakes from happening than to cover them up later.

How To Get Pen Off The Wallpen off the wall

We will discuss how to remove the pen from the wall here.

Use Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is a very useful product to have on hand in the event that the wall-stains resurface.

Rubbing alcohol helps remove ballpoint pen ink from the wall by wiping down a dampened cloth over the affected area and rubbing lightly till the mark disappears.

This process makes it much easier to remove ink from walls. Consistently dab on the wall with the dampened cloth until the stain disappears and repeat as necessary.

Be mindful not to rub too lightly because that could create more damage than there already is, or worse, you could end up smudging your wall’s surface.

Use Magic Erasers

Today, there are cleaning products that can help you clean up pretty much anything. Magic erasers, for instance, can remove all kinds of messes from your walls even if that mess happens to be a permanent marker.

When cleaning up a wall with an accidental pen splatter, simply repeat running the eraser over the stain several times so as to remove as much of the ink mark as is possible.

Use Goo Gone

Goo Gone is wonderful for several different things through its diverse variety of uses. It is amazing at removing everything from ink to paint to the sticky area that medical tape leaves when you’re in the hospital for a few days. Goo Gone is also easy to use, only takes ten minutes, and has an impressive price point.

The spray-on formula of this product allows one to quickly apply the agent where it needs to go, spray away and let it sit for five minutes or so before rubbing off what will now be dirty ink. You can purchase this in bulk as well if you need more than just one bottle of something this magical.

Try Mixing Baking Soda With Water

Use a mixture of baking soda and water on the stain. Baking soda works best on surfaces like cement, limestone, marble, terrazzo, and unglazed ceramic tiles because it does not affect the color of the materials.

Baking soda can be harsh for your tile walls if used in excess so make sure you use this mixture by rubbing it gently over the stain and avoid rubbing too hard with the paste as this can remove the color from the area. The ratio should be one to two which will mean two parts water to one part baking soda.

Use Mosquito Spray And Tissue

Another great use for Aeroguard mosquito spray is that it can be used to remove stubborn pen stains from the wall. Moisten a tissue with mosquito spray and rub gently over the area until all of the ink or stain has been removed.

This will come as a real surprise to many people since this particular product can work for something other than what it was initially made for when it gets marketed to consumers who ultimately purchase it.

Use A Mixture Of Ammonia, Lemon Juice, And Detergent

Ammonia, lemon juice, and detergent can take care of even your toughest ink stains. Mix the ingredients together in a 1:1:2 ratio, which means you’ll use two parts detergent with one part ammonia with the juice from one lemon.

Spray the solution onto the wall where the ink stain is and pat it dry. This should erase even your heaviest ink marks though test them on small areas first to avoid damage or excessive staining.

Brush With White Toothpaste

White toothpaste is also useful to remove ink stains from a wall. You just need to get white toothpaste and rub it on the ink stain for a while.

Then leave the paste for around 10 to 15 minutes to stay on the wall. This will remove the ink from the wall. Then you need to wipe off the toothpaste from the wall.

Repeating this process a few times will help you get all of the ink off of your walls so that your bedroom or bathroom feels complete again.

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