How To Get Onion Smell Out Of Plastic

How To Get Onion Smell Out Of Plastic. It’s vital to bear in mind while storing onions in a plastic storage bin because the onion will ultimately leave a fragrance on the container.

This is especially true if the onions get overripe since their transparent cellular layers release significantly more liquid.

After storing an onion or two in a plastic container, it may be tough to totally remove the stench; nevertheless, you may take additional precautions.

While washing and properly cleaning all of your containers to guarantee they aren’t permanently impregnated with that garlicky odor.

How To Get Onion Smell Out Of Plastic

This article discusses how to remove the onion smell from plastic.

Using Vinegar

If the onion stench persists after cleaning the plastic container with dish detergent and warm water, we recommend filling it with white vinegar.

The strong scents will go after a few minutes of adding vinegar and leaving it alone for around five to ten minutes. Remove the vinegar from the plastic container and wash it well with water and soap after this has occurred.

This is a good technique to get rid of any remaining odors since white vinegar will do the trick. If you’re searching for a technique to get rid of such odors, it’s easy to get in the grocery store and doesn’t cost a lot of money.

Using Baking Soda

using baking soda

Cleaning the plastic containers used to store onions with baking soda is a great technique to get rid of onion aromas.

Baking soda is well-known for absorbing scents, and its natural cleaning properties make it an excellent choice for removing odors from any plastic object.

Carefully dab the mixture over the inside surfaces of your onions’ container, taking care to cover every area and crack on the surface, using warm water to make a thick paste. Allow to fully dry before rinsing with warm, clean water.

Using Salt

using salt 2022

When onions are stored in plastic containers, they can develop persistent smells that are difficult to remove.

If you try to wash these containers, the situation will just become worse because the stench will not go away.

To ensure that you don’t have any lingering onion odors, fill storage containers halfway with a combination of water and salt. Onion odor will not be absorbed by them.

Then keep your remaining chopped onions in them and be certain that there will be no odor when you open them.


What is the effect of toothpaste on onion odor?

Gargling with a mixture of mouthwash and toothpaste can remove the sulfuric compounds in onions that leave a lasting odor.

So remember to scrub your hands with toothpaste and mouthwash for roughly 30 seconds after you’ve chopped up all the components for your delectable supper.

Make a cup of coffee and add two or three whole beans – the roasting process will remove any odors from prior meals.

How does onion odor get neutralized?

The scent of onions or garlic on your breath can be neutralized with lemon juice.

After a meal that contains onions or garlic, add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to a glass of water and drink it.

How To Get Onion Smell Out Of Plastic

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