How To Fix Blinds That Won’t Go Up

How To Fix Blinds That Won’t Go Up. Blinds are becoming increasingly popular. They have a clean, sleek appearance and all of the advantages of blinds, including the elimination of cables and strings.

Blinds are also perfect for households with small children and dogs since they lessen the chance of tripping for individuals who are prone to it.

We have cellular shades, roller shades, and imitation wood blind shades if you’re seeking blinds. The instructions in this post will show you how to fix a blind that won’t go up.

How To Fix Blinds That Won’t Go Upblinds that won't go up

Pull the blinds down and place your hands on either side. While lifting it up, gently bounce it from side to side. Reset the system by lowering the blinds and pulling them up one more time. You may need to repeat this method a few times to get it to operate properly.

In this article, we discuss how to fix blinds that won’t go up.

Removing Valance

Remove your window valance by simply taking it off. Your blinds should be taken off the brackets that are mounted on your window, and they should be laid flat over a table.

Pull Off Blindspull off blinds

Next, you will want to push down on the lever controlling your blinds. Find the pull chain that raises and lowers your blinds and grab hold.

Turn it back and forth to raise or lower your shade accordingly. Search for a release clip in this space that will allow you to grab onto the cord holding your shades in the position.

Applying oil

Next, you need to apply oil using either a spray lubricant or 3-4 drops of oil. You need to spray an even coat around the inside mechanism and make sure not to get any near or on the outside so as not to mess with its look or functionality.

Once finished, push another button that turns on gears attached via cables running through the mechanism causing it to move freely once more.

Holding Blinds Upholding blinds up

Then, before holding them up and closing them, pull the chord in the blinds and adjust both cords until they are equal.

Adding a few additional droplets of oil while gently pushing on the smooth wheels will sometimes help the gears turn more smoothly in either direction.

Placing Blinds Back In Brackets

Finally, replace your blinds in their brackets and double-check that the valance is correctly positioned on top of them.

Allow your blinds to fall fully with a hard snap against your window sill to close its panels by pulling the cords inside or toward the blinds to release the gears. Untangle the cords that have been firmly twisted together up to this point.


I can’t get my roller blind to go up.

Pull the roller shade down until you can reach beneath it, and crank the bottom of the roller shade to adjust it. To tighten the spring, turn the roller clockwise, and to relax it, turn it counterclockwise.

If the shade isn’t keeping up, spin the roller until a couple of the spring coils have tightened up. Adjust them somewhat if they’re excessively loose.

How come my cordless blinds won’t go down?

When your cordless window blinds aren’t lowering all the way down, it usually means that the spring assembly is shot.

All you need to do might be to identify where both sides of the window have pasted these strings onto the blinds.

This will fix one side, if only for a short time because if you have a few inches above the bottom of your window, this is effective.

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