How To Fix Bathtub Drain Leak

How To Fix Bathtub Drain Leak. If your bathtub drain is leaking, you may notice the water level lowering while bathing, and if the bathroom is on the higher floor, you may also see damage to the ceiling drywall in the room below it, such as water spots or discoloration.

However, the source of water seeping from an upper-story bathtub and discoloring your ceiling drywall isn’t necessarily the tub drain.

Water can seep into your ceiling and wall structure from a damaged balcony or broken pipes elsewhere in the house when there was no previous sign of a problem.

How To Fix Bathtub Drain Leakfix bathtub drain leak

The purpose of this article is to explain how to fix a bathtub drain leak.

Using Drain Removal

Insert a drain-removal tool into the metal cross-sections at the drain’s base and crank counterclockwise until the drain returns to its original place.

If you don’t have a drain-removal tool, position a flat head screwdriver between the handle of a pair of needle-nose pliers and insert the jaw style head into the cross-sections to make room.

Using Handle

Twist your tool’s handle or the end of your screwdriver in the other direction. Break the seal on the present plumber’s putty that’s in place around the drain you need to remove from beneath your sink using a lot of power.

After you’ve broken the seal, unscrew it until it slides away from the drainpipe.

Inspecting Drain

You should also check the drain for cracks and other signs of wear and tear. Make sure that the drain is not damaged by repairing it or replacing it with a new one.

Scraping Plumber’s Putty

Take a putty knife and scrape the old plumber’s putty off the edges of the pipe threads on the drain’s sides.

In order to completely clean the drain, run it under hot water for 30 seconds using a hard brush. Let the drain dry completely before you use it again.

Rolling Balls

Take a 1-inch lump of plumber’s putty and roll it into a 5-inch long thread in your palm. Wrap the putty string around the center of the pipe threads and gently push it against the drain’s walls.

Take another piece of putty and wrap it into a five-inch-long, extremely thin thread. Wrap the putty tightly around the drain’s bottom lip, where it makes touches the tub’s surface.

Placing Drain Back

Re-insert the drain into the bathtub’s hole. That is if it hasn’t broken loose from its mounting due to excessive torque or instability consult your manual for further information on this.

It should be tightened by hand by turning it clockwise. Once you’ve gotten it as tight as you can by hand, use the special tool to tighten it even more until putty starts to seep out around the drain lip’s edges.

Wiping off

It’s critical to clean away any extra putty from the drain lip. Check for leaks around the base of your sink after 60 seconds of running water.


Is there a reason why a bathtub drain leaks?

Bathtubs that leak may be aggravating. A leak in the tub might be caused by a leak in the plumbing underneath the tub, the hot water pipes, or even adjacent to the tub, requiring costly repairs.

However, you could have an affordable option on hand to fix it: a bathtub drain seal kit, which can be found online at a variety of merchants.

What is the best way to find a leak in a bathtub?

When you’re rushing to go to class or work, keep an eye out for drooping vinyl flooring or loose tiles. Look for peeling or flaking paint, worn-out wood trim finishes, and moldy walls.

All of which may make your shower stall appear unpleasant sooner or later. You don’t want water spots on your ceiling to turn into mold, as this is dangerous.

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