How to drill into metal studs

How to drill into metal studs. Steel studs often replace wood studs in commercial construction. These steel studs are both lighter and cheaper than wood ones, but also last a lot longer.

They’re resistant to fire, pests, and decay, so although they can never be considered as reliable as the finest lumber, they can often hold up better under extreme heat.

These metal studs fit together well because they’re flat and perfectly straight, much like any child’s building blocks or toy.

You won’t even know they’re metal until you hit one nail or screw when attempting to hang something up or have to drill a hole through them.

How to drill into metal studs

how to drill into metal studs 2022

To repair, inspect, or even refresh your walls, follow these simple steps when it comes to identifying and working with metal studs.

First, you need to determine whether or not there is a metal stud available on the wall where you are planning to repair it.

Measure the length and width of the area by using a laser level and double-checking with a stud detector.

Next, you need to mark the points for drilling screws into the wall in order for them to penetrate the metal studs.

Then drill at slow speeds and avoid hammering if possible as you may damage elements such as drywall beyond what is needed for mending itself together.

Furthermore, make sure that whatever screws you use have been selected based on local building codes – because improper ones could compromise structural integrity overall.

Identifying a stud and its center

It is essential to find the location for a strong anchor in order to get a powerful and stable home improvement to hang.

To begin with, there’s a device called the stud detector that can give you an idea of the position and its approximate size, usually at 1 ⅜” standard widths, is how metal studs measure up, but it never hurts to double-check.

Now that you know where it lies on your wall, locate its center at whatever height is required; see if it lines up with other surfaces available on the frame. Just be sure both the holes align perfectly.

Drill a hole in the metal stud center

drill a hole in the metal stud center

Finding the “center” of a wall to hang a picture is easily done with electronic stud finders. However, the instructions that come with these types of products aren’t always clear.

Using an electronic stud finder is extremely easy, so all you need to do is locate two bricks and completely mark them with a pencil.

Drill holes and then drill through the corners of your picture frame into each wall until you feel resistance, as indicated by your mechanical stud locator.

You may then proceed to use your wall scale or mounted grade-on-grade beam that is already on each corner of the room to see which side is light and dark.

Choose the right screws for metal studs

Every screw isn’t for every job. There are many screws to choose from, so make sure you get a dab hand at spotting the right ones for the task at hand.

If you don’t take care about what kind of screws you use, you might run into problems.

Make sure that when you need to drill metal studs in order to mount a television you don’t use anything but toggle bolts. They’re designed specifically for this purpose and can handle heavy loads with ease.

In terms of mounting objects onto drywall walls, small drywall screws are all that’s needed.

These screws have flat heads and they will work best if there is no hollow behind either because these screws tend to pull out easily when there is not enough anchoring power or something hard behind them.

Drilling a Hole

drilling a hole

When a hole is drilled into a metal stud (or any other object, for that matter), it may become prone to unscrewing.

There are two ways to remedy this problem:

(1) Screws can be positioned in the bottom of the holes along with screw holders so that they never fall out of place by accident

(note: the threads must match);

(2) Pilot holes can be created using a special bit, then screws can be inserted without being forced through the backside. The second option is much less risky.


As you can see, making a hole in a metal stud is not difficult. However, it requires adequate preparation and planning ahead of time as well as an idea of the resources that you may need.

With this post in hand during your project activity, you will never spoil your wall by drilling through a live electrical outlet.

How to drill into metal studs

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