How to cut a screw

How to cut a screw. One of the most common and helpful objects around the home is screws.

There isn’t a single house in the country that doesn’t have a few screws in some incredibly important places. They are pivotal to keeping a house together.

However, at times, screws do come across as more of a liability than a blessing. They get damaged over time or just simply wear out at an alarming rate.

This is why you need to be primed on how to cut them when they aren’t functioning properly anymore this will allow you to put them back into use for when we really need them most.

How to cut a screw

how to cut a screw

There are multiple ways you can take down to cut a screw from your wall. Depending on which approach you take and the circumstances, you may need an assortment of items. Here is just a small checklist of what you might require to cut a screw.

Wire cutters for screw cutting

Wire cutters are a handy tool, especially when it comes to cutting thick pieces of metal. They are easy to use and cost-effective.

People tend to think that Wire cutters take time but with the right tools, one can usually manage to finish off the job within minutes.

Ensure you purchase a pair of wire cutters with longer handles. The longer the handles on wire cutters, the easier it is to apply more pressure and make a clean snip when trimming through screws.

Taking the time to shop around for the right tools for the job can be instrumental in making your time working in a workshop all that more productive.

One tool that seems relatively simple, yet can make a world of difference when it comes to cleaning out tough screws from rusty places is the wire cutter.

Just think about how much time could be saved by simply being able to remove an entire without having to spend ages positioning it just right in its masonry cutout.

Additionally, if you have certain screws with soft tops or ones with rounded tops these can sometimes need specially-sized cutters to get through.

It’s important to not only choose the best ones but also grab plenty of extras so as to repair them after multiple uses.

A hand saw is a very useful tool for screw cutting

Even though you might think that finding the best hand saw requires a lot of work, you can simply remove the tip or cut a Screw using a hand saw in quick order.

When you start sawing you have to make sure the base of the saw is lined up with the wall.

This will make sure that on your first attempt you get as close to removing screws as possible and avoid having to add another cut or risk damaging your wall even more.

Once the saw is lined upright and in place you want to make a circular motion towards it, making sure your arms are in a straight line as well so that stuff doesn’t get in the way and mess things up.

If there are multiple screws you need to remove from your wall power tools that use metal cutting blades will do the job best; otherwise sharp saws designed for wood will help considerably when tackling this project yourself.

Bolt cutters for screw cutting

Bolt cutters are easy to use, and you can do the job with them quite easily if you have the right model. Most of them are designed to cut screws.

One of the hardest tasks can be getting those screws and rust off the wall. Of course, there’s always the DIY approach.

Taking a screwdriver and hammer and forcefully removing it from the wall, but that often leaves behind remnants of exposed nails or screws.

Not to mention the damage it can cause. There’s no need to try to force removal anymore though, especially when bolt cutters provide an easy way to get them out without all of the collateral damage.

Bolt cutters are your best friend for cutting off these pesky bits protruding through your walls. There are two types, wire cutter and bolt cutter (we covered wire cutters in another chapter, so we’ll focus on bolt cutters).

Wire-cutting pliers have serrated jaws that align along parallel lines around thick ropes (like electric wire) while bolt-cutting pliers have jaws designed specifically to make angle grinder cuts through bolts.

How to cut a screw

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