How to close a chip bag without a clip

How to close a chip bag without a clip. The best way to keep your chip snacks fresh and crunchy over time is to remember that the almighty bag clip or clothespin can also be a powerful ally.

A well-placed bag clip or clothespin can help manage the chips’ texture without damaging their packaging in any way. That is why traditional bag clips and clothespins are incredibly handy and beneficial.

You may have no idea just how helpful these little doodads really are until you start using them. But they will become your best friend while protecting the yummy chips inside, which is exactly what you want.

How to close a chip bag without a clip

When you’re staying in a hotel, driving in your car, or cooking at home and you are unable to locate a clothespin.

Chip clip or small rubber band for your half-eaten bag of chips, the best way to close your snack bag without crushing its contents is by using a secondary surrounding bag.

Simply take a second plastic bag, fold it in half and seal with the original one before tapping out air bubbles. This method results in an airtight bag that will stay closed until you need more snacks inside.

Flatten the chip bag’s top

flatten the chip bag's top

It’s easy to add too many chips in a bag when you’re doing this trick. Just to be careful, collapse the bag twice until you can’t anymore. Once the chip bag is flat, run your hands over it to make sure there’s no extra air inside.

To ensure an accurate measurement, use a rolling pin (which is usually used as a cooking utensil) to flatten the bag even further and get rid of any excess air that’s trapped inside.

Fold-down the top of the bag

Place each fold at 1 inch (2.5 cm) intervals and make sure they are the same size, to ensure that the folds are all uniform. With your hands placed on opposite ends of the bag, flatten out each fold evenly until you reach your desired height.

Keep folding until you can no longer fit any more food in the bag. You don’t need to repeat this more than three times.

Your bag is too full for this method and you’ll have to try another. If you cannot fold the top down two times, your bag is too full and you’ll need to try another method.

Fold the right and top left sides of the bag

Pick up the sides of the part of the bag that’s flattened, and not currently filled with chips. The nutrition facts and original folds should be facing away from you.

Fold those top two corners away from the nutrition facts, and towards each other in the middle of your bag’s fisheye view like a little V-shape.

In a larger bag, the sides will meet in the middle. However, the sides of a smaller bag will overlap slightly.

Fold the top inside

fold the top inside

To check if your crinkles are fully closed, hold the bottom of the chip bag from one end.

Press your thumbs on the folds from the left and right sides of the bag that you folded towards the middle of the bag.

You should press your thumbs firmly on the part of the flaps that are closest to the middle of the chip bag.

Then, take your index fingers and hook them under the original folds on the other side of the bag.

Push inwards (in a clockwise motion) with both hands towards one another so that you can feel when you’ve successfully released all air from within.

Turn the bag upside down

Have you ever wondered how your chips stay fresh for so long? It all starts with a secure and airtight bag. To test it, lay the bag flat on the countertop and give it a few short shakes.

If you’re able to easily lift upwards without experiencing any resistance, that means that the seal is good and tight. You’ll have delicious chips for days because they won’t’ go stale with this kind of protection.

How to close a chip bag without a clip

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