How To Clear A Snowblower Jam

How To Clear A Snowblower Jam. A snow blower is a godsend when heavy snow traps you in your home – but it tends to get jammed up with stuck debris more often than not.

Luckily, you can quickly put your snowblower back to work after clearing the jam or clog, but it’s crucial that you follow some basic safety guidelines for yourself and others before jumping in.

It’s key to avoid turning on the snowblower immediately after removing any jams because doing so could potentially damage the equipment – and risk serious injury if not taken care of properly.

How To Clear A Snowblower Jamclear a snowblower jam

This article discusses how to clear a jam with a snowblower.

Issue With Shear Pins

One of the more troublesome problems you may find in a jammed snowblower is broken shear pins.

The small bolts which sit inside the fuel line connected to the carburetor and help hold things in place are designed to break when jamming occurs so that your engine doesn’t overheat.

When it comes to clearing out a winter storm-caused blockage, you’ll need to make sure that you stop the engine, remove the spark plug from its housing so nothing starts on fire or causes an explosion, and use buckets or some other tool never your bare hands to clear away any packed snow and ice inside your device’s chamber.

It’s also necessary to take out various screws related to both parts of an impeller and others that keep a pulley in place.

Problem Of Foreign Objects

You could run over a newspaper, small tree branch, or even a child’s toy in your driveway when using a snowblower. If your snowblower is jammed by a newspaper, turn off the machine and disconnect the spark plug.

Use warm soapy water to soften the newspaper and then use a long-handled tool such as a rake handle to remove the soft newspaper.

Remove rugs and mats that get wrapped around auger blades by cutting them away with long-handled shears. You can remove a small toy or stone that becomes lodged in blades by using junk removers like hammers or crowbars.

Auger Ice-Blocked

A snow blower’s blades will jam if the snow is too wet or too fast, or if the engine runs out of tinder to keep it going. Disconnect the spark plug and check that the blade is clear before you turn back on the machine.

Use a shovel to break up packed snow and ice around the machine otherwise, it could end up irreparably damaging your auger blades.

Never use your hand; even after you’re sure everything is working smoothly again as slip-ups like this one can be painful, especially when it’s part of your own body getting cut open.

Output Chute Blocked

A snow blower may become jammed if the chute becomes clogged or if there is too much snow in the bin. If pushing the snowblower causes it to jam, turn the machine off immediately and disconnect the spark plug.

Use a shovel or rake to clear packed and iced snow from around the blades, auger, impeller, and inside of chute. Clear any debris that could slow down how fast your machine moves as well as caution with overworking your engine.

To prevent jams like this from happening again, replace your spark plug every 10 hours you use your snowblower so that it starts up properly each time you use it.


Clogged snowblowers are caused by what?

The most common cause of chute clogging is running over a newspaper or other hidden object. By now everyone knows that once the snow starts falling, it tends to be easy for objects such as small twigs or leaves to quickly become covered with a light layer of pristine.

white and become hidden in your property which could potentially turn out to be dangerous if you aren’t looking out for them.

On a snowblower, what drives the impeller?

The engine of a snowblower can either be started in an instant with the push of a button or alternatively by the recoil mechanism. The control handle helps you engage the auger which pulls in the snow then moves it back.

where it is frozen around the impeller and sent out through the discharge chute for easy removal of accumulated snow.

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