How to Clean Pool Tile

How to Clean Pool Tile. Pool tiles are great to have at your house and they make it much more awesome. However, eventually, pool use can result in them becoming tarnished.

You’ll know this is happening when the color of the tile appears duller than it did originally or if you see any discoloration on or at the edge of the pool structure.

Grass clippings and other debris may also get stuck around the tiles’ edges during lawn mowing or if you happen to step near them while they’re still wet after letting water in by mistake.

Fortunately, though, maintaining your pool is easy. All you have to do is drain some water from your pool using a garden hose through an opening which will help flush out these things from sight.

How to Clean Pool Tile

how to clean pool tile

There’s nothing more fun than having a refreshing swim in a clean pool. However, letting your pool go uncleaned can end up causing grease and dirt to get caked onto the tiles that surround it.

While there are some measures you can take on your own to help clean these tiles without hiring professionals, that does not mean doing so is an easy task. A few home remedies for cleaning dirty swimming pool tiles include:

 Clean Pool Tile With Vinegar

Vinegar is an effective home remedy that can be used to clean calcium deposits from pool tiles. To use it, heat a towel or rag in the microwave or boil water on a stovetop.

After the rag has been warmed, wring it tight and apply vinegar to the rag using a spray bottle.

Cover each tile completely with vinegar and allow at least one day before rinsing them off and wiping them dry.

Clean Pool Tile With Baking Soda

A solution of water and baking soda will be just the thing to remove stubborn stains from your pool tiles.

To make it, you want about a teaspoon of baking soda for each cup of warm water (to replace broken glass jars, place in the freezer, and use later).

Put all the ingredients into a mixing bowl, stir with a spoon and put some on your tiles with either a soft cloth or sprinkler bottle for spot cleaning. After you’re done with this, grab a sponge dipped in warm water and wipe the floor down.

Clean Pool Tile With Pressure Washer

clean pool tile with pressure washer

You can clean your pool tiles using a pressure washer, although you must make sure you use the correct cleaning equipment for the job.

There are several types of media you can use, each one more suitable than the last depending on the kind of tile your pool has installed.

It is vital to know what type of tile your swimming area has so that you don’t damage it with any inappropriate products and end up having to replace it instead!

How to Clean Pool Tile grout

To clean your pool tile grout, make a paste of baking soda and water and use it to scrub the grout clean. Get your sponge or cloth wet with warm water, add some of the paste, and swirl it across your grout lines.

Use an old toothbrush to get in between the tiles in more difficult areas if you need to. Rinse thoroughly with a damp towel after you’re finished.

Using a Pumice Stone to clean Pool Tiles

For a great way to get that last bit of grime off your pool tile, try using an industrial-strength pumice stick.

The porous texture scrapes up debris like crayons and toothpaste, and even stubborn bits of calcium from hard water deposits.

But before you go testing it out all over the shower floor, be sure to conduct a test run on a low-key area of the tile first. A store like Pool & Spa Depot or one of those big home improvement centers will have them.

How to Clean Pool Tile

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