How To Clean Dog Poop Out Of Carpet

How To Clean Dog Poop Out Of Carpet. Dog pooping on the carpet is annoying when cleaning it up. There are a number of questions that come to mind, such as, what should you do if your dog poops on the carpet.

How can you best clean dried dog poop off of a carpet? What are some ways for removing dog popping from an oriental rug or other types of rugs.

In this article, we will cover how to effectively clean up dog pooping from rags and other various fabrics, like oriental rugs. We’ll share insight with you on how to use common household items and tools specifically designed to clean carpets.

How To Clean Dog Poop Out Of Carpetdog poop out of carpet

Use one tablespoon of dish soap made especially for washing dishes, along with one tablespoon of white vinegar in two cups of water. It’s also beneficial to ensure that the dish soap you’re using doesn’t contain bleach since it can cause discoloration or lightening of your carpet’s color otherwise.

In this article, we discuss how to get dog poop out of the carpet.

Immediately Clean

You weren’t at home when the dog pooped, but as soon as you see it, clean it up immediately. Before removing dog poop from the carpet, wear a mask, rubber gloves, and safety glasses.

Remember, it’s not health-friendly. Take a cloth or towel and pick the dog poop as much as you can. The more it will be on the carpet, the more it will damage it and become hard to clean.

Don’t dig too much; pick up as much you can with a gentle hand; no need to try hard. It can go into the fiber and make the job harder so just collect what is visible right away.

Wet Cleaning Method

If you’ve used a paper towel to pick up the waste, be sure to also use a wipe tissue or dampen towel. Wet cleaning tends to work better because it will remove all of the residue and residue faster than merely using something dry like tissue paper.

Be careful not to rub too hard, though. It’s important not to get carried away because if you’re too rough, you could potentially make the stain even worse! It’s important to keep repeating your wiping motions until no more waste is coming out.

Solution Preparation

After cleaning off dog poop from your carpet, the next step is to get the stains and smells out of your carpet. The simplest way you can deep clean your carpets is by applying a cleaning solution.

You can either buy a cleaning solution designed specifically to remove odors or you can use a DIY option as we will discuss here. We recommend taking one tablespoon each of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, dish liquid, and 2 cups of cool water.

Mix all these ingredients together until they start to bubble up then pour the solution into a spray bottle for easy application.

Process Of Cleaning

Put an absorbent cloth on the stain and spray some solution on it. Leave it there for 10 minutes. After ten minutes, blot up the stain by pulling it up on a corner of the cloth; do not rub.

If the residue is still there, repeat this process until it is gone. Do not get disheartened if there does not appear to be any progress initially it takes time!

Patience is key here when dealing with stubborn stains like oil. Repeat the process until the stain has been removed and then pour some cool water over the stain, blotting away any excess moisture with paper towels.

Try to take out all moisture as much as possible because moisture can cause smelly bacteria to grow and spread which could potentially ruin your clothes.


As soon as you’ve cleaned up the dog poop and stains, you need to sanitize your carpet. Start by sprinkling baking soda all over the area. Leave it to sit for ten to fifteen minutes so baking soda has enough time to kill off any germs or bacteria and get rid of bad odors.

Next, brush the stained area with a bristle brush, vacuum the rest of your carpet, and remove excess moisture with either a microfiber cloth or paper towel. Leave it to dry completely and then you’re done.


Can baking soda be used to clean dog poop off carpets?

Baking soda can help clean up dog poop in your carpet, but only after using more aggressive cleaners to lift the mess and disinfect the area.

After using these cleaners, use baking soda to apply extra power, as it will serve as both a deodorizer and neutralizer.

Can a Diaper Genie handle dog poop?

We started using the Pet Genie, and now we can safely store our dog’s excrement without worrying about it spilling out.

These containers work great because they’re designed to expand as they fill with waste. This can ensure that your pet doesn’t need to relieve themselves anywhere but in their own kennel which is what you want as a pet owner.

How To Clean Dog Poop Out Of Carpet

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