How To Clean Breville Espresso Machine

How To Clean Breville Espresso Machine. The major reason you can’t make a wonderful cup of coffee is most likely because your espresso machine isn’t working properly.

The issue is that you can’t detect whether or not it requires a thorough cleaning immediately away.

So, in order to ensure that you have time to brew some extra cups, you’ll need a decent routine and method that has been proven to work.

We’ll go through everything you can do to get your Breville espresso machine as clean as possible in this article.

How To Clean Breville Espresso Machine

how to clean breville espresso machine

We will discuss how to clean a Breville espresso machine here.

Cleaning Group Head

Clean the group head and the portafilter. Running a brewing cycle without any coffee in the filter basket is an excellent idea since it will help you detect any potential leaks in your system.

While you’re doing this, keep an eye on what comes out of the machine to ensure no particles get filtered through with the water.

Using Pin Tool

After completing a water brew cycle, remove the filter from your espresso machine and use a pin to wipe out all of the holes.

It will take some time, but it is essential for a good filter draw. Cleaning the perforations guarantees that the tastiest, extracted ambient espresso content is poured into your cup and not left in the bottom of your machine.

Replacing Water Filter

It’s critical to replace the water filter in your home espresso machine. A water filter is included in your Breville espresso machine, and it has to be replaced every 1.5-2 months, exactly like the one in your refrigerator.

Get some new filters and replace the old ones if you haven’t done so previously; they’re old and don’t perform a good job, so they shouldn’t be missed.

Brushing The Burrs

If your machine includes a built-in grinder, make sure to clean the burrs and brushes completely throughout your deep cleaning sessions.

Otherwise, rust can form, rendering burrs worthless and eventually causing a brew in your coffee beans. Rather than waiting until you’re about to prepare another shot, clean up after each one.

Using Cleaning Disk And Tablets

To clean your Machine, use the cleaning disc and tablets that came with it. Make sure you have the correct amount of water for the cleaning tablets, since not doing so may make them useless and result in a poor outcome.

In the bottom of a 1-cup filter, place a cleaning tablet. Replace the portafilter on the front of the machine with this and press the power button.

Press the power button while simultaneously holding down the one-cup and two-cup buttons.

Continue to keep those three buttons down until you hear steam being released, which indicates that your espresso maker has been cleaned effectively.

After Finishing

After the cleaning cycle is complete, run a second cycle with only water to ensure that all cleaning solution has been removed from the machine.


Is vinegar safe to use to descale my Breville espresso machine?

If you want to descale your Breville espresso machine, don’t use vinegar. Instead, run it through a factory-made cleaning solution.

Artificial “vinegar” solutions may function, but they have a number of drawbacks when compared to legitimate products.

To begin with, the amount of water required is usually less than if you used a DIY alternative like vinegar. Second, employing artificial remedies voids your guarantee for at least one year, if not longer.

Do espresso machines require a lot of maintenance?

Espresso machines are sophisticated, high-end machinery and they are. Fortunately, they’re simple to maintain clean.

The accumulation, no matter how hard you scrub your machine, will impact the quality of your coffee over time and may even cause harm to your equipment.

We’ve seen a lot of espresso machines over the years that haven’t been properly maintained by their owners, who may not have realized that there is a basic cleaning regimen to follow in order to extend the life of the machine.

How To Clean Breville Espresso Machine

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